Thursday, December 23, 2010

FCC wants to i mean regulate the internet? heres what I think

So this just in. The FCC is now going to regulate the internet....So say goodbye to free internet. This is just another move to slowly take away Americans freedom of speech and expression. The internet is a place where you can speak your mind, regardless on if people agree or not. Its an open forum in a way. It doesnt need any regulation. I got an idea for the government...REGULATE WALL STREET CUZ CLEARLY THEY JUST ROBBED AMERICANS BLIND WITH ALL THEIR BS BAILOUTS...REGULATE THE FEDERAL RESERVE WHO IS NOT TELLING US WHERE THE ''MISPLACED" OVER 20 TRILLION.....REGULATE THE OIL COMPANIES THAT IS GETTING AWAY WITH WHATEVER THEY WANT BECAUSE THEY HAVE CONNECTS IN DC.....The FCC can suck my balls (and that is protected under the FIRST AMENDMENT)...The reason why they target the internet is because they know that people's voice is a strong thing. Im just a 19 year old from Boston, with a blog thats viewed in over 40 countries worldwide. Thats just a small example to prove how strong someones voice is. Why dont the government do work on actual things that matter like, hmm i dont know, our increasing unemployment rates, our sucking economy, our wasteful spending, and other stuff that they have the power to change. Obama is really doing a bang up job huh? We go from one incompetent president (Bush) to another (Obama).... Well regardless of what happens just know that KevinsKewlKorner will continue to be a place of real talk and all that....

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