Saturday, December 11, 2010

Devils Advocate: Nazis (and a dispelling of a common holocaust misconception)

Nazis without a doubt are the most hated group of people in the history of the world. In this edition of Devils Advocate I will be making a case to support the Nazis. Ever since World War two the Nazis have been the world's common enemy. You cant think "evil" without thinking Nazi.In movies, video games, entertainment and all that Nazis are the worst type of people doing something to take over the world. But Nazis weren't evil, they were just people who had enough and decided to fight back. To understand this claim lets go back in time. *Insert catchy flashback noise* So after the end of World War one the German army was essentially the Worlds scapegoat. They got blamed for starting the war and had to not only take the blame, but also pay for everything. Let me put this in a way you might get. Imagine someone starts beating up your little cousin. You of course step in and fight the kid. Lets say this kid calls his people and you all start to fight. The cops come and take YOU to jail, charge YOU with starting the fight, and forces YOU to pay for everyones legal fees and hospital fees (on top of your own), and also confiscate your stuff as additional punishment. This is what the Germans faced and they soon after decided they had enough and wanted to fight back. This gave rise to Hitler backed by the NAtional Socialist Party aka NAzis. They wanted to fight what they saw was injustice and get what was theirs back. This led to them invading France, Rhineland, and a few other places, and starting WWII. The Nazis were just people who wanted to defend and fight for their country, because they had pride in their country. Our troops today fight for that reason. Think back to the horrible events of 9/11, and remember how shortly after how many people signed up for the armed forces because they love America and wanted to get the people responsible. We also this type of pride when it comes to sports. For example soccer. Soccer is one of those sports (that I cant stand) that brings up some pride to be part of that respected country. The Holocaust itself is one of those few things that is impossible to defend. That is on the short list with Child Molestation. I tried to think of an argument, but I just cant. The Holocaust is the ultimate PR nightmare and there is no way to spin it.
That being said while Im talking about the Holocaust let me dispel this one common misconception. In school we were taught that in the Holocaust the Nazis killed Jews, Gypsies, handicapped and homosexuals. They homosexual part is a bit of a half truth. Contrary to popular belief there were a bunch of homosexual Nazis. There were a lot of notable Nazis who fought for gay rights back then, and on top of that Germans at that time believed that being homosexual gave you some "superpower" of some sort (it sounds retarded but its true) I know your asking yourself "If there were a lot of gay Nazis what homosexuals are they talking about that died in the holocaust? Well let me tell you. They had two ways of classifying homosexuals. They were either "butch" or "Fem''. If they were "butch" they were tough, ready to fight and a "manly man". A "fem" is a homosexual who was acting super feminine. The NAzis killed them because they believed them to be weak. If you want more info on it check this link out (
So in conclusion The NAzis were just people who had a lot of pride in their country to fight for it. Some Nazis were about your age, and fought because they loved Germany. Also Nazis fought because they felt like they were being scapegoated for starting WW1. You cant really blame them because you might of done the same thing if placed in their shoes.

(Soooooo how was that? btw if you have any topics you want me to attempt and do a Devils Advocate on let me know)

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