Sunday, December 5, 2010

Devils Advocate: Bullying

Everyone hates bullying. Bullying is the new thing everyone hates, and I'm gonna make a case for why bullying is good. I know I have a post talking about my views on bullying, but that's not the point of devils advocate. Bullying is one of the best things that happen to the youth. Let me start this off by saying I'm from Boston, born and raised and here in Boston ball busting and cracking jokes on each other is pretty common. It's not that were mean, it's just something we do. We are supremely sarcastic and brutal with our comedy..anyway back to the point at hand. Being exposed to the ball busting Boston culture has given me a thick skin and built up immunity to other other tomfoolery. The same with bullying. Being bullied gives you a thick skin to other foolishness that comes your way. Bullying is the first major test Life throws your way. If you can pass that you can handle anything. Some people get to scared about that test and pussy out and kill themselves. Everyone is given the test and almost everyone passes. Getting bullied makes you more compasonate towards other people because you don't want to put anyone through what you went through. Also another thing about bullying is it shows you hidden talents you might of not found otherwise. A good boxer might of never discovered he was a good boxer if he hadn't faced and hit a bully. A good runner might of not found out they were a good runner if they didn't have to run away from a bully. A politican might not of discovered his bs-ing skills if he didn't have to talk his way out of getting his face beat in. So now you see why bullying is beneficial and good for kids to go how was that? Was that convincing enough?

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  1. I agree with you!. Bullying does build character