Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should be killed for what he did...I disagree

This reporter on Fox News , Tucker Carlson said that Michael Vick should be executed for what he did. Tucker Carlson is the biggest douche I seen in a while. Some people stay living in the past. Michael Vick served his time (the complete sentence btw) and still came out, worked his butt off and is having a great season. Now that Vick is in talks for MVP, this jizzbag comes out the woodwork and is demanding that he be killed. Newsflash: ITS DOGS!! DONTE STALWORTH KILLED A GUY WHILE DRUNK DRIVING AND HE GOT JAILTIME AND GOT OUT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR, MEANWHILE VICK SERVED FULL TIME FOR DOGS. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I cant stand people who act all high and mighty like they didn't do anything bad their entire life. The thing that sickens me is what he said. According to him:
I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did [it] in a heartless and cruel way," Carlson said. "And I think personally he should have been executed for that. He wasn't."
.....Let me quickly break this down.
Im a christian to and Jesus said, " Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and "dont judge least ye be judged". Its these self righteous douches that gives christians a bad name and image. Clearly THIS guy doesnt know what the hell hes talking about. And to further on the point, the Bible was filled with a bunch of people who did stupid stuff and got second chances...
Moses...murdered a guy
Jacob...was a trickster
Saul....killed a bunch of christians before he got converted
and much much not only is this jerk uninformed with the news, but he doesnt even know his bible....congratulations hes retarded on two fronts. I think what Vick did was wrong, but thats in the past, and people should move on

For more on this story:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

FCC wants to i mean regulate the internet? heres what I think

So this just in. The FCC is now going to regulate the internet....So say goodbye to free internet. This is just another move to slowly take away Americans freedom of speech and expression. The internet is a place where you can speak your mind, regardless on if people agree or not. Its an open forum in a way. It doesnt need any regulation. I got an idea for the government...REGULATE WALL STREET CUZ CLEARLY THEY JUST ROBBED AMERICANS BLIND WITH ALL THEIR BS BAILOUTS...REGULATE THE FEDERAL RESERVE WHO IS NOT TELLING US WHERE THE ''MISPLACED" OVER 20 TRILLION.....REGULATE THE OIL COMPANIES THAT IS GETTING AWAY WITH WHATEVER THEY WANT BECAUSE THEY HAVE CONNECTS IN DC.....The FCC can suck my balls (and that is protected under the FIRST AMENDMENT)...The reason why they target the internet is because they know that people's voice is a strong thing. Im just a 19 year old from Boston, with a blog thats viewed in over 40 countries worldwide. Thats just a small example to prove how strong someones voice is. Why dont the government do work on actual things that matter like, hmm i dont know, our increasing unemployment rates, our sucking economy, our wasteful spending, and other stuff that they have the power to change. Obama is really doing a bang up job huh? We go from one incompetent president (Bush) to another (Obama).... Well regardless of what happens just know that KevinsKewlKorner will continue to be a place of real talk and all that....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The TOP THREE worst Christmas songs of ALL TIMEEEE (all of which came out in 2010)

(NUMBER 1: BANGS "Christmas story" This song is so bad, it would make you hate christmas lickity split)

(NUMBER2: "this song is SOOOOOO BADDDDDD, No one would hit that...Shes the definition of "a nightmare before christmas")


10 things I would do before I EVER take a student loan

As some of you may know from reading this blog that I refuse to take student loans. I will not put myself in a position to be in debt for the rest of my life.Did you know that college tuition went up over 400% since 1982? I am so serious, no debt for me. People say its kinda impossible, but with God all things are possible. Dont get me wrong, im not gonna drop out or nothing, and I do see the value in education, but I REFUSE to get in debt over school. Heres 10 things I would do before I ever take a student loan

1. Voluntarily let someone rape me and cum in my butt
2. Eat a snow cone made of yellow snow (for those who are slow yellow snow is snow with someones tinkle in it)
3. I would play russian roulette with a loaded gun
4. I would do an Oscar de Lahoya move and dress up as a hoe and walk around my neighborhood
5. I would eat my old boss's cooking
6. I would sell my soul to the devil
7. I would stop speaking for a month
8. I would watch all the twilight movies
9. I would give my left testicle away
10. I would jump off a bridge

Included is an article with some scary facts about student loans and stuff like that.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The first draft of the first part of this stupid story im writing

This was a story that I randomly started typing when I was so bored..Its just the first draft of the first part and there will be a lot of changes in the actual final version. So without further of due, here it is...
Synopsis:a story about a guy in a post apocalyptic city, just weeks after the disaster. he isnt looking for his family or nothing cuz he knows their dead. in stead he wants to go west to hollywood to get a copy of this movie that he wanted to see, but was scheduled to come out later.....he eventually gets to la to find a copy of the movie, only to realize the movie sucks

IT was a week after the bombs dropped. The situation overseas escalated beyond what anyone would ever think. One second the worlds at peace and the next min they are on the brink of nuclear war. All 7 continents were devistated by the constant bombing and consequences that followed. That Week was the worst in human history. Many people died, and some even killed themselves to get rid of the pain. Then you have Elias Mitchel.

Elias Mitchel can be considered by many to be a complete ass. Ever since Elementary School no one liked him because he was just rude and annoying to be around. As a 31 year old he confined himself to his house playing online poker and jerking off to intenet porn. The kids in his neighborhood had rumors that he might be a serial killer or a pedophile because he never came out of his house, the closest peoplle got to see him was the evil stare he gave to the kids who made too much noise. Elias was a lonley and angry person. His mother walked out on the family when he was three only to get remaried to their next door neighbor of all people. His dad on the other hand was a clueless pushover, who let people take advantage of him because he didnt want to start a conflict. His father on the other hand loved Elias and tried to provide him with the best of whatever he could get. When Christmas came around he usually took Elias to the movies for “Father – Son “ movie day, because that was the only time he had free between work and night school. Elias tried to hide his sadness on Christmas. It was hard for him to walk to the car without taking a quick glance in the next door window to see his mom happy with a new family. Elias ended up just sucking it up and trying to enjoy the movies with his father. Years later Elias still continues the Christmas tradition, even though his father tragically died of cancer years prior.

Christmas fell two weeks before the nuclear attacks. Elias woke up. Put some clothes on and went to the movies. There was nothing that really interested him, so he played a mental game of enie menie and just chose a movie at random. He ended up going with “Dr Freckles” a movie about a ginger Childrens doctor who had to use his doctor whit and skills as an amature clown to outsmart and save the children in the hospital from bumbling terrorist. Elias surprisingly enjoyed the movie. But prior to the actual movie the preievews came on. Out of all the previews, one movie in particular caught Elias's eye. The movie was Hunted. Hunted was based on a popular novel by Elias's favorite writer, Jeremy Quimby. In Hunted the main character is a mobster turned state witness who has to make it out of the country with a 300 million dollar bounty on his head. Elias had been hearing rumors about this movie for months and was so excited when he saw the trailer. Once he got home he got right on youtube to re-watch the trailer several more times. The film was scheduled to be released next month, an was already screened for critics and received fairly decent reviews.

Two weeks later, while the world was still recovering from the disastar that fell upon it, Elias woke up to his usual routine. He woke up, showered, ate a quick breakfast of “smego waffles” and started to turn on the TV. IT wasnt working. He then tried to fix the box., that also didnt work. He then grabbed his laptop and got on wahooo. He saw all the headlines about what was happening and he was worried. Not for his family, because they were either gone or all dead, but for the fact that now he would not be able to see Hunted. He picked up his phone and saw he had one text message. That text message was from his mom. The message simply said “Im sorry for everything, can you forgive me” and Elias looked at the time to see it was sent 3 hours ago. Elias then walked out of his house to get an apology to his face, but was saddned by what he saw. He peaked in the window like he used to at Christmas time to see his mother and her new family in the living room with gunshots in their head. He broke into the house and soon realized what had happened. They had done some family sucuide thing because they would rather die as a family then suffer alone. This was one of the few times Elias has actually cried. The last time was Christmas when he was six years old. He then checked the fridge, and stumbled across a weird door. This door usually looks heavily locked, but was wide open. Inside Elias found a whole bunch of guns. He then grabbed one of the little girls Miguel the Possum travel bags and filled up. He was so happy by this discovery, and even forgot what he saw in the living room.

Elias then looked at his laptop for something to keep him entertained. He then found the trailer for Hunted and watched that a few times. Then it hit him...He wont be able to see the movie. He cried like there was a death in the family and proceeded to swear more than a somali sailer. Then it hit him. If the movie was screened for critics that means that the movie is done and a copy exist. The only issue was the movie premered in LA and he lived all the way in Boston. He then devised a plan to go west, to obtain and watch a copy of Hunted that he hoped still existed. That day and night he packed his humble Honda civic with supplies, food, and guns and was ready to go. As he drove he saw the horrible world around him. Buildings were destroyed, dead bodies laid in the street, and seven/eleven was open. He then made a quck u- turn and went into 7/11. The store appeared to be empty so Elias grabbed whatever he could, and just as he was about to leave he heard.
“Where do you think your going?'' in an indian accent.

He turned around to see an indian gentleman with a nametag that said “Hi im Haji”. Elias proceeded to laugh because whats the chance of meeting an indian named Haji. They started to talk and Elias learned that Haji was a college student at the nearby community college, and works at 7/11 to help pay for tuition. He also told Elias that he locked himself in 7/11 because they had a lot of food, and it was easier to go there than to go all the way home. Elias asked about his family, and Haji talked about how they disowned him. Elias was confused and asked why. Haji then told a story about how once a month his family has a “sibling cook day”, where one of the kids make dinner for the family. It was his turn that day and he completley forgot. So he ran to McDonalds and bought a bunch of burgers and fries, unwrapped them, put them on a neat tray and presented them to his family. His family ate the meal and asked Haji what it was. He then told them about what happened and how it was MickeyD's. His family was LIVID. They wernt very happy that their son, “tricked them” into eating a cow (which is holy in the hindu faith) and then quckly disowned him. He's been on his own ever since. Elias felt bad, for him and told him about his mission and invited Haji to come along. Haji happily agreed. He then took his car outback and filled it with a bunch of supplies and both of them were on their way. Haji then suggested a faster way to get to LA. He reccommended that they go to the airport and see if they can “borrow a plane”. Elias loved the idea, so they turned around and went to the airport. They then found a mini plane that had a full tank of gas. They loaded their stuff and hopped in. They both sat down and looked at each other.

“Sooo ummmm are you gonna fly this?” asked Elias
“ummm I thought you were” Haji responded.
“ Do I look like I can fly a plane?!?” said Elias
“Ummmm I dont know, can you?” said Haji
“NO YOU IDIOT!!” yelled Elias
“well excuseeee mee” said Haji
“So what are we gonna do now?”
“Well I think I remember a little bit about flying. It was years ago when I went traveling with my friend Johnny, his dad and his bodyguard. I learned a little bit, but ill see what I can do.”

Just at that moment, Elias noticed a little army of cars speeding towards them, he noticed that they were all armed. He then pleaded with Haji to hurry.
“I am hurrying, Im not a terrorist you know, I cant just get to the cockpit and magically fly a plane, what are you racist?” said Haji
“Less talk..People are coming at us,and unless you can pull that peaceful Ghandi shit to them were all gonna die...So hurry up!!!
The cars were getting closer for the runway. Haji then did something and the plane began to move. It was getting ready for take off, when BOOM!!!!
Elias looked to see that a part of the plane was on fire because one of the armed men shot at it. The plane then stopped and the cars surrounded the plane. Twenty people got out and one stepped up and yelled
“Surrender now or well shoot you”
Elias then told Haji to play it cool and do something Ghandi would do. Haji then responded, “Ghandi wasnt bulletproof dumbass”. They got out of the plane and slowly walked towards the crowd awiting their fate.
“Whatchu boys doing here?” the mysterous man asked
“ Ummm nothing just going for an afternoon st-”
Elias had a furious look on his face. The man was confused.
“ I think we have the wrong person” the mysterous man said to his group of people. Were looking for that douche Lice Sanders. That cocksuckers owes me 12$ on that Celtics game bet and needs to pay up.”
He then told Elias and Haji about how they were tipped off that Lice would try and take a plane out of the state, because he didnt want to pay up. Haji turned around and said, Do you think he might be in that plane?” Just as he said this there was another plane that was on itsway to full takeoff.
“Getem boys” responded the mysterous man, and one of his boys pulled out a rocket launcher and shot the plane out of the air. “Well I think thats over”. The man and his group apologized to Elias and Haji and gave them sticky tape to tape up the hole they made on the plane Elias and Haji planned to take out. Then then helped them tape up the whole and shortly after they left.
“ Im not flying in that”, said Elias
“Ok whatchu wanna do?”, said Haji
“Lets see if we find another Jet and if not we just drive”
Haji agreed . Elias then remembered that there was a Patriots- Jets game scheduled the day of the distastar, and he started searching around for the Jet's Jet. They eventually found it. They opened the door and they heard a noise. They got their guns drawn and folowed the noise. They made their way to the cockpit where they heard a footstep.
“Dont move” said the mysterous lady with her gun drawn
Haji and Elias jumped and saw who was making the noise. It was one of the flight attendants for the Jet's Jet. After an intense 45 second stare down, Haji broke the silence.
“So ummmmm whats cooking good looking”
“ You never actually talked to a girl before huh?” , said the lady
“Nope we have arranged marriages silly goose, but theres a first time for everything.”

She laughed it off, and introduced herself as Johanna. She was a survivor of the bombing by accident. She told the guys her story of forgetting her wallet and running back to the jet to get it and just as that happened the bombs started falling. She too, like Elias, was clueless on how to fly a plane and it didnt get any better when they noticed the gas was nearly empty. After realizing the whole trip to the airport was a waste of time, they decided to just drive. They both invited Johanna to come along, she agreed and they were off. The trip through the Mass Pike was easy because, there were no tolls and traffic. They continued to drive for a few hours, continously alternating drivers till they reached Ohio. They decided to take a break and make a stop in Clevland. Clevland usually sucks, and with the bombing it looks even worse. Its like an ugly person who got a busted lip. Anyway they got out an started walking around. They noticed a big fire a small distance away. They decided to aproach it to see if there were any survivors. Once they got there they were pretty disapointed. There was one guy around the fire trying to stay warm. The ironic thing about the fire was it was the big lebron James banner that got taken down. The man was a black guy who was in his mid thirties. He introduced himself as Muhhammed Alshiez Shabazz X. He gave Johanna and Elias dirty looks and happily greated Haji. When Haji asked, “whats wrong”, Muhammed replied, “Why you betraying your kind brotha, why you hanging around the so-called white man and getting ensnared by all his ways and stuff.” Elias then spoke up, “ But mister Muhammed, sir, Im not ensnaring anybody, I just want to get to CA to see this movie.” to which Muhammed replied , “Sure you are white devil. I bet your just taking this brotha from his home and using him to be your slave. I dont trust the so-called white man because they were the ones who started this war in the first place. No brotha would start this”

My top movies of the 2010(in my opinion)

The BEST movies I saw in 2010
1. The Town
(I loved this movie. It was a smart Bank Robbery movie. The Characters were great. And its filmed in Boston, so of course I loved this isnt up for best picture is something I would never understand)
2. Inception
(Chris Nolan made another great movie..anyone surprised? nope. It was definetly mind rape. I had to see it twice to fully get it.
3. Kickass
(I could go on and on why I LOVE this movie. The comic was awesome and they were true to it, and didnt butcher it like they did Wanted. MAtthew VAughn delivered. It defently is on of the greatest superhero movies of ALL TIME.)
4.Social Network
(When I saw the trailer I was one of the few who said it looks like its gonna be complete garbage, but it surprised me. It was done very well. The story was good and the kid from zombieland who played Mark Zuckerberg did a great job at being a douche. I liked it a lot)
5.Black Swan
(I saw it last night and thought it was pretty good. Darren Aronofsky does a great job at making characters you care about, he did a great job in the wrestler and did the same thing wth the Black Swan. It was weird and strange, but it didnt lose me. Natalie Portman did her thing, and the movie is awesome)
6. Buried
(Another one of those movies that surprised me. I never woulda thought that a movie with Ryan Reynolds being buried alive for 90min would make for a great movie, but it did. The movie never lost its suspense and the ending was crazy. Might be R.R's best movie in my opinion)
7.Toy Story 3
(The Toy Story movies are always good, and this one did a great job with putting the toys in a darker situation, raising the stakes and also growing with the audience.
8. Scott Pilgrim
(Another great comic book movie)
9.Four Lions
(A UK comedy about jihadist suicide bombers. Im getting used to UK comedy and some jokes went over my head, but it was different, and no holds barred. The ending itself went places I never thought it would go)
10. I Love you Phillip Morris
(This is the Jim Carey gay con man movie.It was really good and kinda funny. Its pretty much Catch me if you can if you make the main character gay)
11. Piranha 3D
(This movie surprised me. This was another I was sure was gonna suck, but it was pretty entertaining. Its pretty much tits, blood, and fish..and it was well executed)

The worst movies I actualy SAW in 2010
(I hated this movie. The robberies were so dumb and overdramatic. The gunfight with the russians was so CHEESY, and TI's acting was THE WORST. TAkers is like that kid who had so much promise, and then ended up becoming a crackhead...aka it was disappointing)
2. Dinner with Shmucks
(That movie was annoying and lame. Steve Caroll was aggravatingly retarded. I only laughed at one part and its the battle at the actual dinner. Other than that it was lame)
3. Lottery Ticket
(It was so stupid, that whole thing could be avoided if he didnt tell his granny anything. When I saw it we had more fun laughing at it then actualy with it)

Movie I have mix feeling about
1. Easy A
(I didnt like it or hate it. I thought the story was ok, but I didnt really laugh that much...All in all it was just ok to me)

Movies I am going to watch soon
1. Night Catches Us
(Its a movie about Black Panthers and stuff like that. I heard about it, and it looks really good. Also Marlo from the Wire is in it, so im in)

Monday, December 20, 2010

My opinion on Cipha Sounds and the Haitian joke he made

So ppl are calling for Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 in NYC to get fired cuz of some Haitian joke he made. The joke itself wasnt funny and I could see how ppl are hurt about it, but fire him? hell nah...We have freedom of speech in America and to fire someone because of a bad joke is stupid. For those who dont know Cipha attempted at a joke in which he said:"The reason I'm HIV negative is cause I don't mess with Haitian girls." And to be fair to Ciph one and four girls nowadays do have some kind of STD. And 26% of New Yorkers do have herpies. He might of known some Haitian women with HIV, who knows. That being said the joke itself wasnt funny or even factual, but I dont think he should be punished for it. I dont think Imus should of been fired for the "nappy headed hoes" thing, and neither should Ciph. Some jokes suck, but they legally can say whatever. I make jokes about everyone and everything, and I dont think anyone should be fired because of a joke that bombed. Also one thing I hate is all this outrage in this country. We really become so soft and get offended at everything. Even people who have never heard the show are up in arms. They should just shut up, and stay out of it. The only people who should receive an apology is the Haitian Women actually listening to the program. But everyone comes out the woodwork and wants an apology. Like with the Imus thing. Every black woman wanted an apology after that, when I say the only people who he should apologize to are the actual players.We are really turning into a nation of sensitive pussies..On the flip side, I do see how some people can be hurt and take it the wrong way, but if you know you dont have no HIV dont worry about it. Its just like the n-word argument. If you aint a n-word then dont take it to heart. Included is a video of one of my favorite comedians Patrice O'Neal and in it hes talking about when Opie and Anthony got fired for the Homeless Charlie incident. Although the video is about another situation, the common theme of individuals perception of "funny" still stands.

UPDATE: I actually found a funny Haitian Aids joke (2:30)

Monday, December 13, 2010

why I was annoyed PT3

So Im back with a new edition of "Why I was annoyed" where i give my take on these bs job denial letters i get. In this one I do one I got from TSA. Thank you for completley wasting my time TSA :) (I only wanted the job to help pay for school anyway) And without further of due, the letter:


Thank you for applying for the position of Transportation Security Officer (TSO) with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We greatly appreciate the time and effort you have invested in this demanding evaluation process.
TRANSLATION: Thank you for applying for the TSA, unfortunately you are too nice and not c*nty enough to be an actual TSO. We're sorry we wasted a few months of your life with the process...who are we kidding? no were not

We regret to inform you that you did not pass the airport assessment requirement for the TSO position. If you are still interested in this position, you will need to wait six (6) months before you can reapply. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that vacancies will exist or that an opportunity to re-enter the evaluation process will be available at that time.
TRANSLATION: *Im not sure what i can actually say because I did sign a non disclosure agreement, so ill stay general* Im sorry but you just dont have what it takes to be a TSO. You look like a nice human being, who is not a blind follower of orders, and most importantly you dont seem like the type to effectively protect America. Nothing says keep the airs safe like grabbing a guys dick during a patdown, and kevin we just dont see that ball grabbing attitude from you. If you are retarded and have absolutely no life, you can always re-apply again in 6 months, and waste a few more months on the application process.

We appreciate your interest in employment with TSA and wish you success in your future career endeavors.
TRANSLATION: Blah blah blah good luck getting a job in this i mean good luck :)

TSA Office of Human Capital

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Devils Advocate: Nazis (and a dispelling of a common holocaust misconception)

Nazis without a doubt are the most hated group of people in the history of the world. In this edition of Devils Advocate I will be making a case to support the Nazis. Ever since World War two the Nazis have been the world's common enemy. You cant think "evil" without thinking Nazi.In movies, video games, entertainment and all that Nazis are the worst type of people doing something to take over the world. But Nazis weren't evil, they were just people who had enough and decided to fight back. To understand this claim lets go back in time. *Insert catchy flashback noise* So after the end of World War one the German army was essentially the Worlds scapegoat. They got blamed for starting the war and had to not only take the blame, but also pay for everything. Let me put this in a way you might get. Imagine someone starts beating up your little cousin. You of course step in and fight the kid. Lets say this kid calls his people and you all start to fight. The cops come and take YOU to jail, charge YOU with starting the fight, and forces YOU to pay for everyones legal fees and hospital fees (on top of your own), and also confiscate your stuff as additional punishment. This is what the Germans faced and they soon after decided they had enough and wanted to fight back. This gave rise to Hitler backed by the NAtional Socialist Party aka NAzis. They wanted to fight what they saw was injustice and get what was theirs back. This led to them invading France, Rhineland, and a few other places, and starting WWII. The Nazis were just people who wanted to defend and fight for their country, because they had pride in their country. Our troops today fight for that reason. Think back to the horrible events of 9/11, and remember how shortly after how many people signed up for the armed forces because they love America and wanted to get the people responsible. We also this type of pride when it comes to sports. For example soccer. Soccer is one of those sports (that I cant stand) that brings up some pride to be part of that respected country. The Holocaust itself is one of those few things that is impossible to defend. That is on the short list with Child Molestation. I tried to think of an argument, but I just cant. The Holocaust is the ultimate PR nightmare and there is no way to spin it.
That being said while Im talking about the Holocaust let me dispel this one common misconception. In school we were taught that in the Holocaust the Nazis killed Jews, Gypsies, handicapped and homosexuals. They homosexual part is a bit of a half truth. Contrary to popular belief there were a bunch of homosexual Nazis. There were a lot of notable Nazis who fought for gay rights back then, and on top of that Germans at that time believed that being homosexual gave you some "superpower" of some sort (it sounds retarded but its true) I know your asking yourself "If there were a lot of gay Nazis what homosexuals are they talking about that died in the holocaust? Well let me tell you. They had two ways of classifying homosexuals. They were either "butch" or "Fem''. If they were "butch" they were tough, ready to fight and a "manly man". A "fem" is a homosexual who was acting super feminine. The NAzis killed them because they believed them to be weak. If you want more info on it check this link out (
So in conclusion The NAzis were just people who had a lot of pride in their country to fight for it. Some Nazis were about your age, and fought because they loved Germany. Also Nazis fought because they felt like they were being scapegoated for starting WW1. You cant really blame them because you might of done the same thing if placed in their shoes.

(Soooooo how was that? btw if you have any topics you want me to attempt and do a Devils Advocate on let me know)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Now i really am surprised at myself.....I cant believe im actually defending Brett Farve?!

I used to like Brett Farve when I was small, but now I cant stand him. He's such an attention whore. Everytime is says "Im gonna retire" I just yell at the screen "ARE YOU? ARE YOU REALLY" and a few months later he plays again. Does he love getting tackled by men that much that he would avoid his actual family? Anyway screw him, but recently he was in the news for something other than his football skills. When he was playing with the Jets(another team i hate) He tried to bag this chick that works for the Jets. Her name is Jenn Sterger. Anyway Grampa Farve sent her some txt messages and even got a little confident enough to "allegedly" send her a pic of his "alleged dick". I saw the pic (no im not gay) and Im puzzled why he would send that. Lets say hypothetically he was doing good with the txt messages, that dick pic would demolish any chance/progress he ever made/had. I wanna try and make a small dick joke thats related to packers, jets and vikings, but my creativity is super low right now...My last thing about it is guys if you feel insecure and your lady ever makes a small dick joke, you can always reply "Yeah that might be true, but at least im not Brett farve" lol.....BAck to the point. The NFL investigated this and got nothing. But now Jenn Sterger is saying she wont sue Brett FArve on one condition...That the NFL suspends Brett FArve. I HATE brett farve and his joke of a career now, but I think she's forcing it. Lets be honest. She looks like she has gotten a few dick pics in her time, and is only using Brett FArve to get her name out there. BUt lets be honest, theres nothing that can come out of this. No one would watch a movie or read a book about a lady who got one dick pic from the worlds most selfish football player, because no one would care. Now she wants to make it an all out legal battle...why? thats such a waste of time.In addition to Brett sent that disappointing pic when he was playing for the Jets. If that pic was that disturbing to her, she would of put this out YEARS ago. Anyway shes asking that brett be suspended. I disagree with her. This is surprising that im actually saying this because I was one of those people with a big smile on my face when he got taken out of the Pats game. He shouldnt get suspended. I really think this might be his last year anyway. He got more abuse than a black woman in a tyler Perry movie this season, so I really think he done, so this "recommended" suspension is useless. So Jenn Sterger move on...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Was I wrong? : A group project turned ambush

"Better late than never, but never late is better" -Drake

Well today I got into a bit of a sitcheation and I'm curious to see who you think was wrong. I kno some of you would automatically side with me, but still keep an open mind. Ok here goes. In my business class we were given a group project as part of our final. In my group we all split the work up "equally" and got it done. One person in the group made the PowerPoint that we had to present and emailed it to us. Sounds good right? Well here's where it got crazy. Today was the day the groups had to present our projects to the class. Although I'm a commuter I still showed up on time. (for those who don't know me, I am OBSESSED with being on time. I hate being late to anything) so anyway I was in class waiting for my teammates to come and no one showed up. The first group went, and my team still want there. Then my teacher called my group up. I explained that I was the only one here and that my team should be on their way. She then said that if we don't go at that moment my group would get a zero on that assignment. I am not trying to get a zero so I got up and started to present. While I was presenting my teammates slowly comming in. They all had shocked looks on their faces, and just went into the presentation. Overall it went well but it still looked a bit unprofessional. After class two teammates wanted to talk to me after class. Little did I know I waltzed right into an ambush. They started getting on my saying how I was trying to take all the credit and how they had stuff to deal with so that's why they were late. They also told me that if I was late they would wait for me and how I should of called or texted them. My thing is this: how could I try and get all the credit on a group project? All our names were on it and it's not like I blotted it out. They also accused me of being shady cuz I didn't call them and give them a heads up. Last time I checked I don't have a vag and make babies so I'm no ones mom. They also insisted I should have called or txted but no one txted me saying they were gonna be late. So now that you know the facts what do you think? Was I wrong?

UPDATE: So I got an email from my business teacher about the presentation. We got an A, and due to my move, I saved my team from getting penalized. I feel the need to just rub it in their faces. Here's my teachers exact quote , "I have given you full credit for the presentation based on the “circumstances” and the way the team smoothly integrated into the presentation Kevin started. Kevin’s willingness to step up to the plate is notable and needs to be applauded. He was the only team member present. 92/100" I feel so good right now...Why you ask? Cuz KEVIN WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My FML moment of the day

Today was one of those FML type of days. I went to Best buy to get some new headphones because the ones I had were screwing up on me. I then proceeded to walk to the library, to wait for this phone call. (That last sentence sounds like some intense shenanigans is going on) But since your wondering the cll was about this job offer. Anyway so Im walking and I pull the headphone out the ipod headphone hole thing, only to discover that a part of it was stuck in the hole. I was LIVID. I was cussing more than a somali sailor. Once I got to the library I opened my mac and googled ways to get that part out the hole. (I realize that from this point on most of my references are gonna come out sounding kinda gay...oh well) One way mentioned a paper clip, so i took the paper clip and started dinglinging it inside the hole to force the thing out. That didnt work. Next I tried to do a human vacuum and blow it out (I told you it was gonna sound gay, imagine what it looked like. me taking my itouch and trying to suck that piece out lol..might be one of my finest moments) So anyway that didnt work. I got the phone call about the job and once that was over I got on the train to get home. Heres where the pain begins. I got to Park Street Station, and you know how there are subway performers? Well today there was a guy who looked like either a hippy or a hobo singing songs from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love Dr. Suess and I think he would turn over in his grave after hearing that. You know the part of the song where it goes "The three words that best describe you Are as follows, and I quote,"Stink, stank, stunk!" Well those three words can also describe his singing. So after I my ears suffer through two of his horrid songs, the train comes. The problem is these two black semi-old ladies are just babbling and gossiping. I thought I was in a Tyler Perry movie for a second. They talked the ENTIRE time. I tried to ignore them but they just didnt stop. THey talked about everything from this girl's man, to someone hiring someone to kill someone else. The whole time I was trying to sleep, but those two broads just kept going. If they had energizer bunny batteries I would of stole them just to make em shut up. To top it off once the train got to their station, it didnt let them off right away. Tell me why at that exact time there was a situation at the station that needed the cops, so they had to keep us on the train. The few additional min wit those two chatty cathys were ones I wish I could trade away. Old ladies really love to hear themselves talk, its too bad everyone else doesnt. Soon after I got home and I tried even more ways of getting the part out. One of the gayest sounding ways was lubing up a broken headphone jack with super glue and just sticking it in there and pulling it out(hoping the part stuck). That way also failed. So I guess Im without an Ipod, and have to hear a bunch of annoying people.. Oh well at least itll make for some interesting stories

Patriots vs Jets....correction Patriots raping Jets

That was a great game. The JEts did exactly what the Jets do they talk. Its to bad the NFL isnt just about talk. If so the jets would of easily won, but it isnt a game of talk, its football. I would write a big post about it but Im super tired and I have to meet with my english professor in a few min. So Im just gonna do something extremely lazy. Denis Leary made a book with his twitter updates, so Im just gonna post my fb status updates from last night up. They are pretty interesting and they go in order.......btw Im trying to find out how to put one of those mini chatroom things on here, so when a big game does go down, it would be fun and entertainment for all. Well here goes:

An hour before kickoff: The Patriots are gonna treat the Jets like Ben rothlessburger treated that girl in the bathroom other words the Pats are gonna rape the Jets

After the Pats were up by two touchdown:LETS GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
the jets are like that plane on Lost, they are just crashing hard and its entertaining.........

After the PAts scored again:Tickets to the Pats game: $
Antonio Cromartie's child support for his 9 kids: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Seeing the disappointed look on Jets/Jets fans faces: Priceless

After another one of "Sanchize's" Interceptions:I dont hear any Jets fans......HELLOOOOOOOO JETSSSSS FANNSSSSSSS...IS ANYONE HOME?...... The Jets and the kamikaze pilots have something in common...they are both self destructing lol, screw the Jets

I was in the middle of a status and Woodhead just ran down field, thus interrupting my thought process lol:Have you seen it?
The Jets talent was last seen on HBO's hard knocks and hasnt been heard from since. If you find please call Rex Ryan at 1800...............HOLY S!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT?! I TOLD YOU DANNY WOODHEAD WOULD HAVE A GREAT GAME!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO

These last few took place sometime in the fourth quarter:Perfect quote to describe whats going on in Gillette Stadium right now:
"Think theres been a rape up there!" - Ricky Gervais

Hey Braylon Edwards can you teach me how to dougie.....oh wait, never mind, you should get Woodhead to teach you how to catch.......PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!

Lesson Rex Ryan Learned today:
A closed mouth dont get fed, and an open one talking **** gets checked

(I hope you enjoyed reading my lazy attempt of an update, Im gonna try and do a legit update soon)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress Report

Currently Kevinskewlkorner has 4207 views, and is viewed in 32 countries and counting. These include:
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Also there is a facebook fanpage:
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Other than that I hope you like the blog so far

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Devils Advocate: Bullying

Everyone hates bullying. Bullying is the new thing everyone hates, and I'm gonna make a case for why bullying is good. I know I have a post talking about my views on bullying, but that's not the point of devils advocate. Bullying is one of the best things that happen to the youth. Let me start this off by saying I'm from Boston, born and raised and here in Boston ball busting and cracking jokes on each other is pretty common. It's not that were mean, it's just something we do. We are supremely sarcastic and brutal with our comedy..anyway back to the point at hand. Being exposed to the ball busting Boston culture has given me a thick skin and built up immunity to other other tomfoolery. The same with bullying. Being bullied gives you a thick skin to other foolishness that comes your way. Bullying is the first major test Life throws your way. If you can pass that you can handle anything. Some people get to scared about that test and pussy out and kill themselves. Everyone is given the test and almost everyone passes. Getting bullied makes you more compasonate towards other people because you don't want to put anyone through what you went through. Also another thing about bullying is it shows you hidden talents you might of not found otherwise. A good boxer might of never discovered he was a good boxer if he hadn't faced and hit a bully. A good runner might of not found out they were a good runner if they didn't have to run away from a bully. A politican might not of discovered his bs-ing skills if he didn't have to talk his way out of getting his face beat in. So now you see why bullying is beneficial and good for kids to go how was that? Was that convincing enough?

Devils Advocate: The KKK

Everyone hates the kkk, people have this image of them that is nothing but negative. In this first "Devils Advocate" I will be making a case for the kkk. The kkk is just a group of white people who want to express themselves. Black people have the panthers, so why should white people be left out? They also are protected under the admendments to express themselves, so why should we treat them bad? People say "the kkk kills people" and my response is "who doesn't?"....pilgrims, natives, explorers, ninjas, Sam-r-I, Egyptians, muslims, and even our current governments kill people. The Klan went after people who are different, so did everyone else. Columbus killed native Americans cuz they were different and he has his own holiday. Why is the Klan looked at as villians? Also people don't like the klan's crossburning. By burning a cross they are just showing the world that they are on FIRE for Jesus. Who are we to judge them, after all we do have religious freedom in this country. Some say the Klan has a stupid outfit, but give them a break. There was no iparty back then, so they just got creative and used sone sheets. They deserve an A for effort............................................and that concludes my first "devils advocate". So whatchu think? Was it convincing enough? In the upcoming "devils advocate" I will make cases for things like holocaust, genocide, slavery and whatever else you guys suggest....also for you new people who are all shocked and confused, read two post down and you'll get it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blue Milk! : Stories from my elementary school cafe

Sometime in the 90s' there was a commercial for a cereal that turns your milk blue. In one point in the commercial the kids in it start chanting "Blue Milk, Blue Milk, Blue Milk" with gleeful smiles on their face. This commercial was pretty popular among my classmates (especially the boys) , this story takes place either first or second grade...Anyway in our class there was this fat Puerto Rican kid named Raulito. RAulito was a cool kid and super funny. One day at lunch the blue milk commercial came up. Someone made a joke that Raulito might have blue milk in his tiddies. That gave Raulito a crazy idea, that we found hilarious(give us a break we were in 1st or 2nd grade)..RAulito would find some unsuspecting person in our class and grab their head and do something that could only be described as a "forced motorboat" on his mantits. While this happened we all just chanted "Blue Milk" like the kids in the commercial....Nowadays people might consider that gay, but to an elementary schooler it was so funny....Since im talking about the lunch room i might as well tell another story. You know how they have reduced lunches? aka the nasty cardboard things that they feed to those poor kids. Well one day I accidentally left my lunch at home and attempted to get school lunch. Just as I got to the check out part, the lady behind the register gave me a some confused look and proceeded to call her lunch lady boss over. I forgot her name, but I remember her face. THis lady was the biggest C*NT I EVER MET! She is still a lunch lady who takes public transportation so if i bump into her now I feel good. Why you ask? because shes miserable and im doing better. I can go on about how i cant stand her, but thats too long of a story. Anywayyyy She snatched the tray from me and told me I was not eligible for lunch. She then gave me something that I would never forget...A peanut butter and government cheese sandwich. Of course I didnt eat it, I threw it somewhere. But the next day my mom came up to the school and put her in her place. I wish i had a time machine to go back and take that nasty sandwich and mush it in her dumb stupid face. There are more people in Cleveland who love lebron james than people who liked that broad...IF i could have one wish I would wish for 1000 more wishes, and with one of those I would wish for a time machine.

Friday, December 3, 2010

An idea for a new thing on my blog

I decided to test my argument skills and Bring a new portion to my blog called "Devils Advocate". in this section I will be arging for things and positions that are no way popular and even morally right. Just because I'm arguing for one side let the records show I don't believe in what I'm saying, I'm just practicing my argument skills. If you have any topics that you want me to argue for just comment

My opinion on the whole wikileaks situation

In the past few days wikileaks is in the news again for exposing more government shenanigans and some people are up in arms. I agree completley with wikileaks. People against it say "oh they put American lives at risk" and I say..WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING IN IRAQ and AFGANISTAN? We been putting American lives at risk for years on these bs wars and now all of a sudden people care about the saftey of our troops? Wikileaks is only exposing what they people in charge are doing. I was listening to Opie and Anthony the other day and Jim norton made a great point. He mentioned how when Obama was running he talked about bringing transparency to government. This is how hypocritical we are as a country...we all wanted transparency and now that we finally get it some people are outraged. Pick a side!! Do you want it or not. It's like that line from A Few Good Men,"you want the truth?you can't handle the truth"...wikileaks and the army officer who got the documents to them should be praised and not bashed. The truth is hard to take but we still need it, and I for one am sick and tired of all this bs the government feeds us and I'm talking about both sides(republican and democrat)