Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I think is gonna happen to America in the within the next 6 years

Obama/Presidency: I think Obama is a one term President. His approval rating is dropping dramatically, and although he did inherit a Bush screw up he has done very little to turn it around. I think once 2012 comes along one of two senarios will occur. Either Obama will run again and lose, or he will just not run at all. Democrats are distancing themselves from him, some left his cabinet, and it looks like the Obama we thought we were gonna get was nothing more than wishful thinking.Not to mention there are constant news reports talking about how Michelle Obama doesnt really like it. Also there is talk in DC about getting rid of Obama using the 25th amendment. According to Edward Spannus ,“Right now, there is discussion in Washington and within the government of using the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove Obama from office,” , this is because they consider him "mentally incapable of doing the job". I dont know why they didnt use that on Bush. I hope Ron Paul wins in 2012, but knowing the powers that be we might get another looney republican, like a Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrige, General Petras, Rick Perry, ect. Also let me quickly address the Tea Party. The Tea Party was started by Ron Paul and a few others for the purpose of establishing a strong third party among other things. Then it got hijacked by a bunch of retarded republicans like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck(not to mention a few racist and idiots) and now the party is a disgrace. It went from being a party with strong views and stuff to the orphanage for retarded republicans. I think Sarah Palin only jumped on it because she wants to run for President and she knows that the Republicans are never gonna support her.

War: I really think we are gonna get involved with another war. There was an article in the Washington Post that pretty much said that in order for Obama to save his Presidency he should go to war with Iran. This would not only be a dumb move but it will put our country in deeper debt and it might bankrupt the country. There is also talk about Yemen due to the "bomb scare" recently with the UPS planes (which is suspicious in its own right) I am convinced that something is gonna happen that will not only bring our country into another war, but also put our country in a state of marshal law. If you think marshal law is a bit of a stretch google and do a little research on FEMA camps...nuff said. We cant afford another war, nor do we have the manpower to fight another war. We wasted so much in those two lost causes (Iraq and Afghanistan) that we simply dont have that much left.

Economy: Our dollar is devaluing at a pretty fast rate. We print out so much money that the dollar is worth so much less than it was years ago. I talked about the economy in my article "This is scary to me as a college student" I am convinced that with the debt we have, and the rate we waste money that our country is gonna be in another depression very very soon. This commercial is scary but at the rate were going it looks like it might actually happen.

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