Sunday, November 14, 2010

This was originally gonna be about trifling baby mommas but i decided in fairness to address both sides

I was originally going to do an article solely on deadbeat trifling baby mommas, but i know once i get that story up I would be getting asked to do one about deadbeat dads. So i decided to make it simpler for myself and hit two birds with one stone. Let me start off by saying there are some excellent single parents. In my definition If you are a good parent to your child you earned to be called a parent,regardless of your age. But if your just a cumdumpster or a jiz-distrubuter you have earned the title babys momma/ babys daddy, ect. Anyone with a dick and a pussy (or for you cleaner folks penis and vagina) can make a baby, but it takes someone else to be an actual loving responsible parent to that child. Now we have a couple chicks who half raise the kid and want to kill the guy in child support, and to make it worse they dont even really use the child support on the kid, instead they use it for their own selfish purpose. That is wrong. Its called CHILD SUPPORT not bm's allowance. SAdly some females do that. Child support is for stuff for the kid, not to buy some new clothes. If your job is to raise a child, do it right. On the flip side there are some guys who make a baby and dont do anything for the child and that includes raising it. Raising a child is important to its development. There are kids and even adults who have grown up without that emotional connection that parents are supposed to provide and therefore grow up screwed up. If you make a baby man up and raise it. I dont know about you, but the last thing I want to do is have a kid with half of my DNA acting like a fool and doing nothing but being a burden to society and to everyone else. So in conclusion, if you have a kid raise it. Kids need good parents, and especially in the black community where we have such a bad rap for being committed when it comes to getting laid, and being a total pussy when it comes to raising the kid. Lastly ladies with child support use it(for the kids) and dont abuse it(by using it on yourself)

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