Monday, November 8, 2010

My opinion on Black males portrayal in the media

As an Black male in this country I feel like we arent put in a good light. Specifically in the media. For every Obama we get 10 wakka flokkas. Its crazy. The stereotype of black males doesnt apply to all of us, and yet that stereotype is often what people identify us as. For those who are a little slow, the stereotype includes that black men are lazy, retarded, always saggin our pants, our goals are play sports or rap, we sell drugs, we are loud and obnoxious, we dont vote, we beat up females and the list goes on and on. I for one, cant identify with any of those stereotypical traits because those dont act like that. I know there are some black males who do, but if you compare that too the entire group, those ones are the minority. MTV, BET(especially BET), Tyler perry and a few others give this image of black males that the average person swallow up and use to base their opinion of black males on. I say dont make your opinions off what you see on Tv, but there are some stupid ignorant people who do. By the way let me briefly talk about BET. I HATE BET! BET stands for Black Entertainment Television , but to me it stands for Bulls*it Every Time. All they do is constantly promote this crazy image of black males, and if they do have something positive that quickly gets out-shadowed by some stupid show that reinforces the previously mentioned sterotypes. Oh yeah and BET's shows suck regardless. They tried to copy MTV and still failed. So in conclusion dont base your opinion of black males based on what you see in the media. The media knows stupidity sells and thats what they promote. I am a black male that pretty much is beyond stereotypes and there are so many more like me....T-T-T-Thats all folks

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