Saturday, November 6, 2010

My life is super weird

I was coming home from class the other day and I was in the train station waiting for the red line home. I sat down at the nearest bench and just as I sat down the guy next to me quickly moved to the other side of the bench. I looked at his face and he looked super familiar to me. I kept thinking where I knew him from. Then finally it hit me! I remember seeing his face on one of the apps on my itouch. Which app you ask? Well none other than the sex offender tracker app. It was crazy. Out of all the guys I stit next to, I just so happen to sit next to a sex offender. I looked at him, and didnt say a word. Then it hit me. Thats why he moved away from me just as I sat down. I doubt it would ever happen, but if he tried to touch me I would get up, put my hand in his face and say "Swiper no swiping!" lol. I then got on the train, and the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Now i guess I have a new crazy story to tell my future kids for bedtime lol. It would be so odd if I say "Hey kids wanna hear how your ole man(Ugh i hate that douchy term ole man) bumped into a sex offender?"

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