Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite boss i ever had (insert sarcasm here)

This is for my favoritest bestest boss in the world (completley sarcastic btw) out of all the jobs I had, my least favorite one had to be with my boss piggy. I won't give her name but I will tell you that change the I to another vowel and you have her name. As you can tell from the name piggy(which is how i refer to her) that she is a fat slob. What she gained in weight she lost in kindness. She was the worst boss EVER! Before I go on I'll give you guys a little background. I worked in a kitchen, and one of piggys problems was she was a cook who just so happened to absolutley SUCK at cooking. If you served the food she made to a terrorist that would be cruel and inhumane punishment. Me and my fellow workers were put in a bad sitcheation. After every meal she would ask us "was it good", we knew it tasted like dog doo-dee, but if we told her that she would start to get all pms like and start a hissy fit. So the safest way to go was to say that we liked it or it was ok. I hated that job and only did it for the money, so by definition I'm a hoe. Another reason why I "loved" her was she always talked behind peoples back. If running her mouth was an exersise she be at healthy weight. She constantly talked behind peoples back. She talked behind mine countless times, and thats part of the reason I quit (although she still thinks she fired me) Turning around and telling people to their face might of been exersise for her because she never did it. You have a better chance at finding someone in Cleveland who still loves Lebron before you find someone who worked for piggy that respects her. I wanted to tell her sometimes to build a bridge and get over it, but everyone knows bridges can't hold that much. It's because of her that I'm doing entreprenuership in college because I need to be my own boss. My time for working with bums are over....I can go on and on about why I love piggy but then I'll get tired( like a doctor reading her weight on a must suck to read all those zeros) That bring said she was the embodiement of how not to be a boss and now that I was a witness to her countless mistakes I will never bring that to my future company. So in a way I should thank her. Next time I find a first place ribbon I'll give it to her. It's been a long time since a pig won something, I think the last time was Charolette's web( if I'm not mistaken)

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