Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The incident that scared me FOR LIFE

A few months before the school year I went on a trip with my family to Trinidad and Tobago. For those who dont know im half trinidadian, and Im an east coast baby so as you can guess I did not survive in that hot weather. Anyway three days in our vacation we decided to do something different and go to Tobago. Tobago is so beautiful. ANyway my mom and everyone else decided to do a boat ride. I was the only one who didnt because I got sea sick on the boat ride from Trinidad to Tobago. Anyway we went to the beach and got on the boat. I was trying my best through the entire ride not to throw up and lose it. Getting seasick is the WORST! Anyway near the middle of the boat tour there was a part near the middle of the Ocean that was shallow enough for you to swim in. This part is famous because some British Queen started swimming in it and she realized that the sand (which is dead corral) is good for her skin. The story is kinda lame. Anyway a bunch of people got off the boat and hopped into the water. I passed, and stayed in the boat. (Im such a lame in this story, I dont do anything)...Anyway after a while the guys running the boat said it was time to go and then a bunch of wet people came back into the boat...The real crazy part happened once the boat docked. I got off the boat and I turned around to make sure I didnt forget anything and I saw something that I pray everyday would get deleted out of my mind. There was an old lady( theres a super twist) and she wore a shirt and stuff to swim in. The shirt got wet and was completely see through. And to make matters worse she was bra-less so I saw her old breast. Old lady tits dropped lower than my GPA sophomore year of High school. They looked like old shriveled up yams. I could go into more detail but the thought alone makes me wanna dry heave. To make matters even more awkward and worse im related to that old lady....ugh (no its not my mom) so not only did i see old lady boobs, but I saw old lady boobs that are (in some way...related to me) I cant get that image out my mind. I seen 2girls one cup, NeoNazi, tubgirl and a bunch of other disgusting videos and stuff but none of them would ever creep me out as much as that image down in Tobago....Then because God has a sense of humor I ended up meeting a nun tough my job who had breast that look like they fell down to gary colemans height. NO I DIDNT SEE THEM LIKE THAT, but She kept trying to give me a hug me, I tried to keep it strictly handshake but when she went for a hug I wasnt about to be a jerk to a nun. She was ugly, and I believed that was punishment enough. Anyway I gave her a hug and I felt these two little nubs rubbing on my chest over where my belly button is.......UGH...I know, Scary Right? I think this is God's way of paying me back for some mean thing I did to someone....Oh well at least I can add that to the mental library of stories Im gonna tell my future kids for bedtime lol

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