Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Cant stand all this political correctness/easily offended people in this country

I cant stand all this political correctness/ easily offended people nowadays. I was watching the news last week and Jersey shore caught some heat from GLADD about the tranny comment they made. The Jersey Shore crew can say whatever they want, We have FREE SPEECH in this country. I cant stand all this political correctness. When i say the word or phrase"thats gay" its not bashing homosexuals its just me saying that something sucks. When i say "your acting like a retard" i am not making fun of mentally handicapped people. Im making fun of someone stupid. Then with black people some get offended with the whole nappy headed hoes thing, and my thing is if you aint one then dont respond to it. It was a bad joke on imus's part, in an attempt to be funny. Also recently midgets want to be called "little people"...thats so dumb. In my opinion a midget and a little person are the same, they both are too short for the rides at six flags, and they both are super small. Whats so bad about the term midget? It seems like in society we look for things to get offended or outraged about. By doing that we are censoring one another. I much rather hear someone speak their mind(regardless if i agree or not) than have to sacrifice their beliefs because of fear of catching heat from a special interest group. Dont get me wrong there is a lot of issues and stuff in this country, but most times these special interest groups make some big issue out of nothing only to get media attention. If the shoe dont fit dont wear it. Stop wasting tme getting offended at little stupid things. You might not agree with everything someone says but they do have a right to say it. Lastly in my college's orientation we had to do some little diversity workshop thing. In it they asked us, would we mind if skinheads decided to have a march at our school. I was one of three who said yes. I dont agree with what skinheads say and they are a pretty hypocritical group (see old article "my opinion on racism") but we do live in America and they do have a right to say what they believe, even though I dont agree. It seems like we are turing from a land of the free and home of the brave, to a land full of cowards and censored slaves. Speak your mind, and as long as you arent hurting nobody, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
PS: And if your offended at something dont keep watching ,listening, or reading it.. turn the channel or change books...your just as guilty for enabling it then personally stopping it by shutting it off

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