Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoodrat Fight

This story takes place where most of my crazy hoodrats stories take place..none other than good ole Dudley Station. This story happened a few summers ago. It was after work and I was walking wit a few friends to Dudley Station. In the little group of people who were wit us were two girls who had some beef wit each other. We were walking and they started arguing. Me and my friends just stayed out of it, because there is one thing you dont get in the middle of: two girls beefing. Why you ask? because just as quickly as they go at each other, they can both switch up and get at you. I thought it was gonna be just a plain argument, but just then something happened. One girl (who i will call Jay) grabbed this other girls ( who I will call jess) by the hair and started pounding on her. Mind you this is all happening IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. As you can imagine cars are honking and stuff like that. Dudley Station is on the other side of the street and people just sat their and just watched. One old lady yelled out "Thats right, beat that bi*ch's a**" It was too funny seeing that come out the mouth of a harmless looking old lady. Even transit officers watched. A few seconds later it looked like the fight was over. Jess's face was red and kinda bruised. Jay on the other hand looked like she was ready for a round two, and just as we walked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATION round two came. They exchanged words then Jay pretty much ran after Jess and beat her up again, and as you can imagine there wer a whole bunch of people cheering her on and instigating. Just then my bus came, and the last thing I was going to do was miss my bus and wait an hour for another so I got on. The last thing I seen was Jess's face looking like a mix between tears and anger......THE end

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