Monday, November 1, 2010

A funny story involving a zombie and a crying pre-teen

This story occurred a few years ago. I went with my youth group to ATL for a youth conference. It was good. That Friday or Saturday we went to 6 flags in GA. It so damn hot. I also finished my water before we got there and refused to pay all that money for another one inside the park. Anyway a few others and myself were walking towards some ride( i think it was a roller coaster or something) Then we saw this zombie guy holding a shovel. My first initial thought is that it was a pretty dope statue, until it moved and started chasing people with the rusty shovel. I have to admit I jumped. This was before I became a ninja, and now since I am a ninja that would never happen again. After I jumped I turned around to see a guy in our group (who I will call Marty) start to cry. His eyes filled up with tears and he started ACTUALLY crying. My first initial thought was " what a pussy, its just a guy in a good costume and makeup", but he kept crying.A few others and I tried our best but I couldnt hold back our laughter. It was just so awkward. Who cries at stuff like that? lol. I felt that this was one of those Kodak moments and started taking out my camera and taking pictures. Some of you might be saying "thats a dick move", but you would do it too. Even the guy in the zombie persona got out of character and asked poor "Marty" if he was ok. It was too funny. Anyway we continued to have fun at 6 flags and then we left, but we would never forget the day "Marty" started crying.... THe only thing that sucks is I lost all the pictures I took of that day...Can someone please invent the time machine so I can go back and get those pics? Please and thank you

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