Monday, November 29, 2010

The current situation with the TSA

Well In the news theres a bunch of talk about the TSA and how they are really going overboard when it comes to their searches. First off let me say this, not all TSA officers are douchebags, some are just doing it for the money, but that being said there are a lot of people who work for TSA who are rude annoying people on power trips. I say that part because I applied to work for TSA. I was thinking about doing it to help pay for school...but i digress. The TSA is under fire recently and rightfully so. They give you a choice between the body scanner and an intense pat down. Ill start with the body scanner. The body scanner is known to give off radiation. Exposer to radiation can give you cancer. The scanners also give off an image of the naked body, that according to TSA gets deleted, although it has been proven time and time again that they arent. There is a case when an Indian movie star ,Shahrukh Khan, had the image of his naked body printed out and some even asked to get theirs autographed. Its an invasion of privacy. SOme will say, "I have nothing to hide", but that doesn't really matter. If you give them an inch they wil obviously take a mile. The body scanners were put into place as a response to the "underwear bomber" which I believe is a lie. A witness who was on the plane at the time, Kurt Haskell, witnessed a well dressed man help get the alleged underwear bomber on the flight and this claim was backed up by several other passengers. This is notable because the alleged bomber was on a "watch list" and didnt have a passport. And if Airport security gives babies who have the same name as someone on the no-fly list a hard time, what makes you think they wouldnt stop a guy on a watch list? There is some evidence that proves that he was helped on the plane by someone with the State Department... Anyway this bs reason is the reason we have to deal with the TSA harrassment. Also before I forget, let me quickly touch on the patdowns.. The patdowns are a way for the TSA to make you want to go through the body scanner. They clearly force it with their patdowns. They even Patdown pilots. This is so stupid because why would a pilot carry a bomb if they operate something that can do so much more damage? I could go on and on, but ill end like this:
We are giving up our freedom for security and that is not good. There are many changes that should be enacted on the part of the TSA. These include their people skills, getting rid of those useless body scanners, calm down with the intense patdowns and put armed air marshals on the flights. If you have any questions or think im wrong feel free to comment. I know not everyone shares my point of view, and thats ok.

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