Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before I became a ninja: Stories from my time on the wrestling team

For those who dont know I am a ninja. I am part of the shadow clan and I even got a license to kill. That being said let me tell you about a semi funny story about a time before I became a ninja. This story starts in my sophomore year of high school. That year I decided to do something different and join to wrestling team. I play fight with my friends and stuff, but never did official wrestling before and decided to give it a try. I started out in the 189 weight class, but as the season went on I lost so much weight. During the middle of the season we had a meet against Franklin High School. They have a pretty good team, and it was my 2nd time wrestling. I was still in the 189 weight class, but at the time i lost weight and i was 160something. The kid they put me up against was taller and bigger than I was, but I didnt care I just wanted to go out there. After the shaking hands stuff, he went straight for my legs. I tried to wrap my arms around him and attempt to do something( i forgot what went through my head at that time). ANyway he picked me up over his head and bodied me to the mat. I admit it was kinda fun and surprising being lifted that high, but the fun and surprise left when I came crashing down. I felt like Gary Coleman after he fell down the stairs. I couldnt really get up. I was in semi fettle position, and the trainers and my coaches came to see what happened. All of a sudden I started laughing, mind you im still on the ground and everything hurts. BUt Im laughing because I felt like such a pussy. I have a weird sense of humor. I was laughing so much even my coaches started laughing. I wish I had a video, because im not doing it any justice by explaining it. That being said I got up to a standing ovation. I dont know why I got one. I made a stupid move and got bodied. Oh well. I ended up working through the pain and wrestling one more round. I lost. That was the last time I would ever lose again. After that I ended up doing some intense ninja training and now I am one of the top ninjas now. Since Im telling wrestling stories I might as well tell you two short crazy ones. The first one happened when my friend (who is a guy) had two wrestle this UGLY girl. She looked kinda like a guy, she was so ugly. Anyway all of a sudden, you just see him with a boner. His dick went up faster than a fist at a black panther rally. Anyway some other wrestlers on the team got it on video.(I havent seen it since). Last Bonus story. I was wrestling this kid and I was destroying him. Then all of a sudden just as I was about to seal the deal and win, he had to RUIN it by farting. His fart smelled so bad! I couldnt take it anymore. I legit forgot who won, I think I did, but once he farted my goal wasnt to win, it was too survive.

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