Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The baby stroller/reported to facebook incident

This story took place over over the summer. I was running late to work. I decided to take a short cut through this small street that smells like piss, dead hopes and dreams, and just garbage. Then I saw something crazy. On the sidewalk there was a baby stroller. I know what your thinking "A baby stroller?! Really?!? Your actually writing about a baby stroller?" , but wait it gets better. I decide to take a peak in the stroller. I look inside and its filled to the top with porn. It was a pervert's paradise. I didnt touch any of it(of course) because I was not trying to possibly risk getting dried cumzees on my hand. Im good with that. Also on the bottom of the stroller there was a fake gucci bag and some old beat up stilettos. So in my mind I came to the conclusion that whoever owns this stroller might be a hoe, trying to hustle in this recession by selling some porn. This is something you never see everyday, so I decided to take a few pictures on the batphone (aka my blackberry...R.I.P.). I got to work on time and I showed my friends and we had a good laugh...Heres where part two of the story comes in. I decided to share the laugh by uploading the picture to facebook. A bunch of people got a good chuckle. Some time later, the batphone fell in the toilet( another story for another day) and I got some of my stuff, including that picture. So facebook had the only copy of that picture. SOOOO TWO MONTHS LATER.. I try to log on facebook and I cant. I try a few times, but there is still an issue. I checked my email and I got a message from facebook saying I got reported for having inappropriate material. I was so confused. I then logged on facebook, and before I could go further there was some huge yellow banner on my page saying that I had been reported and I had to agree to some terms in order to go forward. I did. I then decided to find out what the hell they were talking about. After some detective work, I found out that my baby stroller full of porn pic was missing. I was LIVID. That was the only copy of that picture EVER and now its gone, all because of one "offended" douche. I still havent found out who reported me, but when I do(like that'll ever happen) I might give them a piece of my mind. At the time I wanted to give them a "Mexican Surprise Party" aka ( a pillowcase over the head followed by a pinata like beating) because I lost the only copy I had. Oh well, at least enough people seen it to know it exist, and not many people seen it so its on some urban legend status (the best of both worlds)...I guess you win some and lose some

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