Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoodrat Fight

This story takes place where most of my crazy hoodrats stories take place..none other than good ole Dudley Station. This story happened a few summers ago. It was after work and I was walking wit a few friends to Dudley Station. In the little group of people who were wit us were two girls who had some beef wit each other. We were walking and they started arguing. Me and my friends just stayed out of it, because there is one thing you dont get in the middle of: two girls beefing. Why you ask? because just as quickly as they go at each other, they can both switch up and get at you. I thought it was gonna be just a plain argument, but just then something happened. One girl (who i will call Jay) grabbed this other girls ( who I will call jess) by the hair and started pounding on her. Mind you this is all happening IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. As you can imagine cars are honking and stuff like that. Dudley Station is on the other side of the street and people just sat their and just watched. One old lady yelled out "Thats right, beat that bi*ch's a**" It was too funny seeing that come out the mouth of a harmless looking old lady. Even transit officers watched. A few seconds later it looked like the fight was over. Jess's face was red and kinda bruised. Jay on the other hand looked like she was ready for a round two, and just as we walked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATION round two came. They exchanged words then Jay pretty much ran after Jess and beat her up again, and as you can imagine there wer a whole bunch of people cheering her on and instigating. Just then my bus came, and the last thing I was going to do was miss my bus and wait an hour for another so I got on. The last thing I seen was Jess's face looking like a mix between tears and anger......THE end

The current situation with the TSA

Well In the news theres a bunch of talk about the TSA and how they are really going overboard when it comes to their searches. First off let me say this, not all TSA officers are douchebags, some are just doing it for the money, but that being said there are a lot of people who work for TSA who are rude annoying people on power trips. I say that part because I applied to work for TSA. I was thinking about doing it to help pay for school...but i digress. The TSA is under fire recently and rightfully so. They give you a choice between the body scanner and an intense pat down. Ill start with the body scanner. The body scanner is known to give off radiation. Exposer to radiation can give you cancer. The scanners also give off an image of the naked body, that according to TSA gets deleted, although it has been proven time and time again that they arent. There is a case when an Indian movie star ,Shahrukh Khan, had the image of his naked body printed out and some even asked to get theirs autographed. Its an invasion of privacy. SOme will say, "I have nothing to hide", but that doesn't really matter. If you give them an inch they wil obviously take a mile. The body scanners were put into place as a response to the "underwear bomber" which I believe is a lie. A witness who was on the plane at the time, Kurt Haskell, witnessed a well dressed man help get the alleged underwear bomber on the flight and this claim was backed up by several other passengers. This is notable because the alleged bomber was on a "watch list" and didnt have a passport. And if Airport security gives babies who have the same name as someone on the no-fly list a hard time, what makes you think they wouldnt stop a guy on a watch list? There is some evidence that proves that he was helped on the plane by someone with the State Department... Anyway this bs reason is the reason we have to deal with the TSA harrassment. Also before I forget, let me quickly touch on the patdowns.. The patdowns are a way for the TSA to make you want to go through the body scanner. They clearly force it with their patdowns. They even Patdown pilots. This is so stupid because why would a pilot carry a bomb if they operate something that can do so much more damage? I could go on and on, but ill end like this:
We are giving up our freedom for security and that is not good. There are many changes that should be enacted on the part of the TSA. These include their people skills, getting rid of those useless body scanners, calm down with the intense patdowns and put armed air marshals on the flights. If you have any questions or think im wrong feel free to comment. I know not everyone shares my point of view, and thats ok.

For more info check out:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The incident that scared me FOR LIFE

A few months before the school year I went on a trip with my family to Trinidad and Tobago. For those who dont know im half trinidadian, and Im an east coast baby so as you can guess I did not survive in that hot weather. Anyway three days in our vacation we decided to do something different and go to Tobago. Tobago is so beautiful. ANyway my mom and everyone else decided to do a boat ride. I was the only one who didnt because I got sea sick on the boat ride from Trinidad to Tobago. Anyway we went to the beach and got on the boat. I was trying my best through the entire ride not to throw up and lose it. Getting seasick is the WORST! Anyway near the middle of the boat tour there was a part near the middle of the Ocean that was shallow enough for you to swim in. This part is famous because some British Queen started swimming in it and she realized that the sand (which is dead corral) is good for her skin. The story is kinda lame. Anyway a bunch of people got off the boat and hopped into the water. I passed, and stayed in the boat. (Im such a lame in this story, I dont do anything)...Anyway after a while the guys running the boat said it was time to go and then a bunch of wet people came back into the boat...The real crazy part happened once the boat docked. I got off the boat and I turned around to make sure I didnt forget anything and I saw something that I pray everyday would get deleted out of my mind. There was an old lady( theres a super twist) and she wore a shirt and stuff to swim in. The shirt got wet and was completely see through. And to make matters worse she was bra-less so I saw her old breast. Old lady tits dropped lower than my GPA sophomore year of High school. They looked like old shriveled up yams. I could go into more detail but the thought alone makes me wanna dry heave. To make matters even more awkward and worse im related to that old lady....ugh (no its not my mom) so not only did i see old lady boobs, but I saw old lady boobs that are (in some way...related to me) I cant get that image out my mind. I seen 2girls one cup, NeoNazi, tubgirl and a bunch of other disgusting videos and stuff but none of them would ever creep me out as much as that image down in Tobago....Then because God has a sense of humor I ended up meeting a nun tough my job who had breast that look like they fell down to gary colemans height. NO I DIDNT SEE THEM LIKE THAT, but She kept trying to give me a hug me, I tried to keep it strictly handshake but when she went for a hug I wasnt about to be a jerk to a nun. She was ugly, and I believed that was punishment enough. Anyway I gave her a hug and I felt these two little nubs rubbing on my chest over where my belly button is.......UGH...I know, Scary Right? I think this is God's way of paying me back for some mean thing I did to someone....Oh well at least I can add that to the mental library of stories Im gonna tell my future kids for bedtime lol

The baby stroller/reported to facebook incident

This story took place over over the summer. I was running late to work. I decided to take a short cut through this small street that smells like piss, dead hopes and dreams, and just garbage. Then I saw something crazy. On the sidewalk there was a baby stroller. I know what your thinking "A baby stroller?! Really?!? Your actually writing about a baby stroller?" , but wait it gets better. I decide to take a peak in the stroller. I look inside and its filled to the top with porn. It was a pervert's paradise. I didnt touch any of it(of course) because I was not trying to possibly risk getting dried cumzees on my hand. Im good with that. Also on the bottom of the stroller there was a fake gucci bag and some old beat up stilettos. So in my mind I came to the conclusion that whoever owns this stroller might be a hoe, trying to hustle in this recession by selling some porn. This is something you never see everyday, so I decided to take a few pictures on the batphone (aka my blackberry...R.I.P.). I got to work on time and I showed my friends and we had a good laugh...Heres where part two of the story comes in. I decided to share the laugh by uploading the picture to facebook. A bunch of people got a good chuckle. Some time later, the batphone fell in the toilet( another story for another day) and I got some of my stuff, including that picture. So facebook had the only copy of that picture. SOOOO TWO MONTHS LATER.. I try to log on facebook and I cant. I try a few times, but there is still an issue. I checked my email and I got a message from facebook saying I got reported for having inappropriate material. I was so confused. I then logged on facebook, and before I could go further there was some huge yellow banner on my page saying that I had been reported and I had to agree to some terms in order to go forward. I did. I then decided to find out what the hell they were talking about. After some detective work, I found out that my baby stroller full of porn pic was missing. I was LIVID. That was the only copy of that picture EVER and now its gone, all because of one "offended" douche. I still havent found out who reported me, but when I do(like that'll ever happen) I might give them a piece of my mind. At the time I wanted to give them a "Mexican Surprise Party" aka ( a pillowcase over the head followed by a pinata like beating) because I lost the only copy I had. Oh well, at least enough people seen it to know it exist, and not many people seen it so its on some urban legend status (the best of both worlds)...I guess you win some and lose some

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funny song of the week(its an olde but a goode)

Although LemonParty mentally ruined me, this catchy song is too funny. I am almost prepared to say GREATEST SONG EVER! lmao

Before I became a ninja: Stories from my time on the wrestling team

For those who dont know I am a ninja. I am part of the shadow clan and I even got a license to kill. That being said let me tell you about a semi funny story about a time before I became a ninja. This story starts in my sophomore year of high school. That year I decided to do something different and join to wrestling team. I play fight with my friends and stuff, but never did official wrestling before and decided to give it a try. I started out in the 189 weight class, but as the season went on I lost so much weight. During the middle of the season we had a meet against Franklin High School. They have a pretty good team, and it was my 2nd time wrestling. I was still in the 189 weight class, but at the time i lost weight and i was 160something. The kid they put me up against was taller and bigger than I was, but I didnt care I just wanted to go out there. After the shaking hands stuff, he went straight for my legs. I tried to wrap my arms around him and attempt to do something( i forgot what went through my head at that time). ANyway he picked me up over his head and bodied me to the mat. I admit it was kinda fun and surprising being lifted that high, but the fun and surprise left when I came crashing down. I felt like Gary Coleman after he fell down the stairs. I couldnt really get up. I was in semi fettle position, and the trainers and my coaches came to see what happened. All of a sudden I started laughing, mind you im still on the ground and everything hurts. BUt Im laughing because I felt like such a pussy. I have a weird sense of humor. I was laughing so much even my coaches started laughing. I wish I had a video, because im not doing it any justice by explaining it. That being said I got up to a standing ovation. I dont know why I got one. I made a stupid move and got bodied. Oh well. I ended up working through the pain and wrestling one more round. I lost. That was the last time I would ever lose again. After that I ended up doing some intense ninja training and now I am one of the top ninjas now. Since Im telling wrestling stories I might as well tell you two short crazy ones. The first one happened when my friend (who is a guy) had two wrestle this UGLY girl. She looked kinda like a guy, she was so ugly. Anyway all of a sudden, you just see him with a boner. His dick went up faster than a fist at a black panther rally. Anyway some other wrestlers on the team got it on video.(I havent seen it since). Last Bonus story. I was wrestling this kid and I was destroying him. Then all of a sudden just as I was about to seal the deal and win, he had to RUIN it by farting. His fart smelled so bad! I couldnt take it anymore. I legit forgot who won, I think I did, but once he farted my goal wasnt to win, it was too survive.

This was originally gonna be about trifling baby mommas but i decided in fairness to address both sides

I was originally going to do an article solely on deadbeat trifling baby mommas, but i know once i get that story up I would be getting asked to do one about deadbeat dads. So i decided to make it simpler for myself and hit two birds with one stone. Let me start off by saying there are some excellent single parents. In my definition If you are a good parent to your child you earned to be called a parent,regardless of your age. But if your just a cumdumpster or a jiz-distrubuter you have earned the title babys momma/ babys daddy, ect. Anyone with a dick and a pussy (or for you cleaner folks penis and vagina) can make a baby, but it takes someone else to be an actual loving responsible parent to that child. Now we have a couple chicks who half raise the kid and want to kill the guy in child support, and to make it worse they dont even really use the child support on the kid, instead they use it for their own selfish purpose. That is wrong. Its called CHILD SUPPORT not bm's allowance. SAdly some females do that. Child support is for stuff for the kid, not to buy some new clothes. If your job is to raise a child, do it right. On the flip side there are some guys who make a baby and dont do anything for the child and that includes raising it. Raising a child is important to its development. There are kids and even adults who have grown up without that emotional connection that parents are supposed to provide and therefore grow up screwed up. If you make a baby man up and raise it. I dont know about you, but the last thing I want to do is have a kid with half of my DNA acting like a fool and doing nothing but being a burden to society and to everyone else. So in conclusion, if you have a kid raise it. Kids need good parents, and especially in the black community where we have such a bad rap for being committed when it comes to getting laid, and being a total pussy when it comes to raising the kid. Lastly ladies with child support use it(for the kids) and dont abuse it(by using it on yourself)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Progress Report

So far my blog has 2,600 views
Its viewed in:US, UK, Canadia, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Israel, turkey, Australia, india, yemen, saudi arabia ,iran, japan, new Zealand, united arab emirates, dominican republic, russia, Slovenia, Malaysia, Netherlands
Its been getting nothing but positive feedback and its only been up for 5 months

That being said, spread they word. Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell a jerk, tell a a matter of fact tell everyone you know! Suggestions are always welcome. feel free to comment or if your on Facebook my blog does have a fan page

Im glad most of you love it so far.

I Cant stand all this political correctness/easily offended people in this country

I cant stand all this political correctness/ easily offended people nowadays. I was watching the news last week and Jersey shore caught some heat from GLADD about the tranny comment they made. The Jersey Shore crew can say whatever they want, We have FREE SPEECH in this country. I cant stand all this political correctness. When i say the word or phrase"thats gay" its not bashing homosexuals its just me saying that something sucks. When i say "your acting like a retard" i am not making fun of mentally handicapped people. Im making fun of someone stupid. Then with black people some get offended with the whole nappy headed hoes thing, and my thing is if you aint one then dont respond to it. It was a bad joke on imus's part, in an attempt to be funny. Also recently midgets want to be called "little people"...thats so dumb. In my opinion a midget and a little person are the same, they both are too short for the rides at six flags, and they both are super small. Whats so bad about the term midget? It seems like in society we look for things to get offended or outraged about. By doing that we are censoring one another. I much rather hear someone speak their mind(regardless if i agree or not) than have to sacrifice their beliefs because of fear of catching heat from a special interest group. Dont get me wrong there is a lot of issues and stuff in this country, but most times these special interest groups make some big issue out of nothing only to get media attention. If the shoe dont fit dont wear it. Stop wasting tme getting offended at little stupid things. You might not agree with everything someone says but they do have a right to say it. Lastly in my college's orientation we had to do some little diversity workshop thing. In it they asked us, would we mind if skinheads decided to have a march at our school. I was one of three who said yes. I dont agree with what skinheads say and they are a pretty hypocritical group (see old article "my opinion on racism") but we do live in America and they do have a right to say what they believe, even though I dont agree. It seems like we are turing from a land of the free and home of the brave, to a land full of cowards and censored slaves. Speak your mind, and as long as you arent hurting nobody, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
PS: And if your offended at something dont keep watching ,listening, or reading it.. turn the channel or change books...your just as guilty for enabling it then personally stopping it by shutting it off

The Federal Reserve is gonna bankrupt our country

In the news a few days ago the federal reserve announced that they are going to do something to fix our economy. I could tell you word for word what the plan is, but that is sooo boring and might go over your head, so ill break it down in a simple way. The federal reserve is going to buy up some of our debt, and therefore become the 2nd highest owner of US debt(CHina is number one) by buying up these bonds. The name of the plan is called Qualitative Easing, and the Fed is planning to buy up 600 billion of our debt.The problem is WE DONT HAVE ANY MONEY, and were buying up MORE DEBT. In order to pay for this they have to print out more money, and the more money you print out, the less the money we have is worth. BAck in the 60's 7 dollars then is worth 56 dollars now. Our dollar is losing value and this move is going to destroy the dollar. The federal reserve needs to be audited or looked at deeply because they are a private company operating our money, not to mention they are super corrupt. Having a private company operating our money is like giving Captain Crunch complete control the US armed forces, its absolutely retarded. And you can easily tell they are corrupt because if they weren't they wouldn't mind being audited. But they know once the audit happens the truth about the missing 20 trillion, the banker bailouts, and all this stuff is going to come to light. I fully support Ron Paul and the End the Fed movement and believe that Obama instead of nationalizing the auto industry should nationalize the federal reserve. Ben Bernanke is pretty much a Bernie Madoff X10 and we are still letting him steal our money and destroy our dollar. Enough is Enough!
Other reading if your interested:

Update: I found a video that kinda explains QE in a pretty simple way

Monday, November 8, 2010

why I was annoyed PT2

In my first "why I was annoyed" I talked about how I hate getting emails and letters from jobs after they dont hire you filled with BS. I even gave you guys a sample. Well I got another one and Im gonna translate it for you people:

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for your interest in working at the Apple Retail Store. As you can imagine, we received a large number of qualified applicants for this role. At this time, we have chosen to move forward with other candidates that meet our current needs. I want to personally thank you for your interest and for investing the time to speak with us about this opportunity.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

(Name withheld)

Thank you for being interested in the job here at the apple store. As you can imagine there are a bunch of others who applied for the job and they did a better job at sucking up than you did. We chose to move forward with those candidates who in the end sucked up the most. Im sorry but Kevin you just didnt do a good job. We were looking for someone that would be willing to do anything for apple, and you just werent that type of guy. I want to say thank you for wasting a few hours watching the lame videos we showed and partaking in our "fun" activities. I wish you the best(who am i kidding I dont mean that, I just add it to make the end of the email sound pretty)

(Name withheld)

My opinion on Black males portrayal in the media

As an Black male in this country I feel like we arent put in a good light. Specifically in the media. For every Obama we get 10 wakka flokkas. Its crazy. The stereotype of black males doesnt apply to all of us, and yet that stereotype is often what people identify us as. For those who are a little slow, the stereotype includes that black men are lazy, retarded, always saggin our pants, our goals are play sports or rap, we sell drugs, we are loud and obnoxious, we dont vote, we beat up females and the list goes on and on. I for one, cant identify with any of those stereotypical traits because those dont act like that. I know there are some black males who do, but if you compare that too the entire group, those ones are the minority. MTV, BET(especially BET), Tyler perry and a few others give this image of black males that the average person swallow up and use to base their opinion of black males on. I say dont make your opinions off what you see on Tv, but there are some stupid ignorant people who do. By the way let me briefly talk about BET. I HATE BET! BET stands for Black Entertainment Television , but to me it stands for Bulls*it Every Time. All they do is constantly promote this crazy image of black males, and if they do have something positive that quickly gets out-shadowed by some stupid show that reinforces the previously mentioned sterotypes. Oh yeah and BET's shows suck regardless. They tried to copy MTV and still failed. So in conclusion dont base your opinion of black males based on what you see in the media. The media knows stupidity sells and thats what they promote. I am a black male that pretty much is beyond stereotypes and there are so many more like me....T-T-T-Thats all folks

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My life is super weird

I was coming home from class the other day and I was in the train station waiting for the red line home. I sat down at the nearest bench and just as I sat down the guy next to me quickly moved to the other side of the bench. I looked at his face and he looked super familiar to me. I kept thinking where I knew him from. Then finally it hit me! I remember seeing his face on one of the apps on my itouch. Which app you ask? Well none other than the sex offender tracker app. It was crazy. Out of all the guys I stit next to, I just so happen to sit next to a sex offender. I looked at him, and didnt say a word. Then it hit me. Thats why he moved away from me just as I sat down. I doubt it would ever happen, but if he tried to touch me I would get up, put my hand in his face and say "Swiper no swiping!" lol. I then got on the train, and the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Now i guess I have a new crazy story to tell my future kids for bedtime lol. It would be so odd if I say "Hey kids wanna hear how your ole man(Ugh i hate that douchy term ole man) bumped into a sex offender?"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I think is gonna happen to America in the within the next 6 years

Obama/Presidency: I think Obama is a one term President. His approval rating is dropping dramatically, and although he did inherit a Bush screw up he has done very little to turn it around. I think once 2012 comes along one of two senarios will occur. Either Obama will run again and lose, or he will just not run at all. Democrats are distancing themselves from him, some left his cabinet, and it looks like the Obama we thought we were gonna get was nothing more than wishful thinking.Not to mention there are constant news reports talking about how Michelle Obama doesnt really like it. Also there is talk in DC about getting rid of Obama using the 25th amendment. According to Edward Spannus ,“Right now, there is discussion in Washington and within the government of using the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove Obama from office,” , this is because they consider him "mentally incapable of doing the job". I dont know why they didnt use that on Bush. I hope Ron Paul wins in 2012, but knowing the powers that be we might get another looney republican, like a Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrige, General Petras, Rick Perry, ect. Also let me quickly address the Tea Party. The Tea Party was started by Ron Paul and a few others for the purpose of establishing a strong third party among other things. Then it got hijacked by a bunch of retarded republicans like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck(not to mention a few racist and idiots) and now the party is a disgrace. It went from being a party with strong views and stuff to the orphanage for retarded republicans. I think Sarah Palin only jumped on it because she wants to run for President and she knows that the Republicans are never gonna support her.

War: I really think we are gonna get involved with another war. There was an article in the Washington Post that pretty much said that in order for Obama to save his Presidency he should go to war with Iran. This would not only be a dumb move but it will put our country in deeper debt and it might bankrupt the country. There is also talk about Yemen due to the "bomb scare" recently with the UPS planes (which is suspicious in its own right) I am convinced that something is gonna happen that will not only bring our country into another war, but also put our country in a state of marshal law. If you think marshal law is a bit of a stretch google and do a little research on FEMA camps...nuff said. We cant afford another war, nor do we have the manpower to fight another war. We wasted so much in those two lost causes (Iraq and Afghanistan) that we simply dont have that much left.

Economy: Our dollar is devaluing at a pretty fast rate. We print out so much money that the dollar is worth so much less than it was years ago. I talked about the economy in my article "This is scary to me as a college student" I am convinced that with the debt we have, and the rate we waste money that our country is gonna be in another depression very very soon. This commercial is scary but at the rate were going it looks like it might actually happen.

Articles used:

My favorite boss i ever had (insert sarcasm here)

This is for my favoritest bestest boss in the world (completley sarcastic btw) out of all the jobs I had, my least favorite one had to be with my boss piggy. I won't give her name but I will tell you that change the I to another vowel and you have her name. As you can tell from the name piggy(which is how i refer to her) that she is a fat slob. What she gained in weight she lost in kindness. She was the worst boss EVER! Before I go on I'll give you guys a little background. I worked in a kitchen, and one of piggys problems was she was a cook who just so happened to absolutley SUCK at cooking. If you served the food she made to a terrorist that would be cruel and inhumane punishment. Me and my fellow workers were put in a bad sitcheation. After every meal she would ask us "was it good", we knew it tasted like dog doo-dee, but if we told her that she would start to get all pms like and start a hissy fit. So the safest way to go was to say that we liked it or it was ok. I hated that job and only did it for the money, so by definition I'm a hoe. Another reason why I "loved" her was she always talked behind peoples back. If running her mouth was an exersise she be at healthy weight. She constantly talked behind peoples back. She talked behind mine countless times, and thats part of the reason I quit (although she still thinks she fired me) Turning around and telling people to their face might of been exersise for her because she never did it. You have a better chance at finding someone in Cleveland who still loves Lebron before you find someone who worked for piggy that respects her. I wanted to tell her sometimes to build a bridge and get over it, but everyone knows bridges can't hold that much. It's because of her that I'm doing entreprenuership in college because I need to be my own boss. My time for working with bums are over....I can go on and on about why I love piggy but then I'll get tired( like a doctor reading her weight on a must suck to read all those zeros) That bring said she was the embodiement of how not to be a boss and now that I was a witness to her countless mistakes I will never bring that to my future company. So in a way I should thank her. Next time I find a first place ribbon I'll give it to her. It's been a long time since a pig won something, I think the last time was Charolette's web( if I'm not mistaken)

Monday, November 1, 2010

A funny story involving a zombie and a crying pre-teen

This story occurred a few years ago. I went with my youth group to ATL for a youth conference. It was good. That Friday or Saturday we went to 6 flags in GA. It so damn hot. I also finished my water before we got there and refused to pay all that money for another one inside the park. Anyway a few others and myself were walking towards some ride( i think it was a roller coaster or something) Then we saw this zombie guy holding a shovel. My first initial thought is that it was a pretty dope statue, until it moved and started chasing people with the rusty shovel. I have to admit I jumped. This was before I became a ninja, and now since I am a ninja that would never happen again. After I jumped I turned around to see a guy in our group (who I will call Marty) start to cry. His eyes filled up with tears and he started ACTUALLY crying. My first initial thought was " what a pussy, its just a guy in a good costume and makeup", but he kept crying.A few others and I tried our best but I couldnt hold back our laughter. It was just so awkward. Who cries at stuff like that? lol. I felt that this was one of those Kodak moments and started taking out my camera and taking pictures. Some of you might be saying "thats a dick move", but you would do it too. Even the guy in the zombie persona got out of character and asked poor "Marty" if he was ok. It was too funny. Anyway we continued to have fun at 6 flags and then we left, but we would never forget the day "Marty" started crying.... THe only thing that sucks is I lost all the pictures I took of that day...Can someone please invent the time machine so I can go back and get those pics? Please and thank you