Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The time I got confused for a drug dealer

I was on my way to see Bill Burr preform a few months back. I got downtown earlier than I expected, so i decided to head over to CVS to grab some twizzlers and other candy. As I was walking, some guy came up to me. The guy was kinda my height, big bug looking eyes, and bad breath. He then said something. I puled out my headphones and he repeated himself again.
"You got some of that stuff I need?''
Using the process of elimination he either wanted dick or some drugs, but his appearance made me circle Drugs in my mind. I of course played dumb.
"Whatchu talking about" , I replied
"You know, the stuff" he said back
(I was extra careful with the words I chose cuz I wasnt sure if he was a fiend or a cop..either way Im clean)
I told him that I aint got nothing and he dapped me up and was on his way. I then looked at my reflection in a window of one of the buildings downtown. Did I really look like a drug dealer? People thought I was a blood but never a drug dealer **Some ppl actually think Im a blood. That might be the reason the guy thought I sell drugs. Red is my favorite color and I OD when it comes to matching. Im not a blood im just a kid who loves red and is obsessed with matching** Anyway I wonder how he thought that. Was it my clothes? Was it my arrogant and semi-cocky walk? I thought about this for a min, laughed it off, got my twizzlers, and went to go see Bill Burr kill it.

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