Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is scary to me as a college student

Our economy is in SUPER DEEP trouble. Obama had the nerve to tell us that the recession is over. We are in worse shape than we realize. First of all our debt is crazy. We are over 13 trillion in debt.!! For those who dont know how much 13 trillion is, if you spent a dollar from the days of Jesus till today you still wouldn't of spent 1 trillion dollars. Our govt is 13 trillion in debt! If you take every dollar out of every wallet and bank in this country you still cant pay off the debt. There is no way possible for us to pay off our debt. And what has 13 trillion got us exactly? nothing but 2 wars all based on lies, bailouts that went to greedy bankers instead of the people who need it most, and missing. The Federal Reserve is missing, actually they refuse to tell the American people where they put 20 trillion, the pentagon refuses to tell the people where they spent 8 trillion and we just sit there and let this happen. If a country like a China were to say, "Where our money at" America would be SOO screwed. Its not like we can afford to fight a war against china. Also states are very close to bankruptcy. Over 48 out of the 50 states are close to filing for bankruptcy. BUt what does all this have to do with me as a college student? well Ill tell you. Right now 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees, and 5075 janitors in this country all have PHD's or something equivalent. Its tough to find a job now. A BC LAw graduate wants his tuition back because he cant find a job. So for those people college just brought them a bunch of debt and no job. Also many college graduates find themselves moving back home because they cant afford anywhere else... Currently the student loan debt is higher than the credit card debt. This trackers shows that the student loan debt rises EVERY SECOND! I for one refuse to touch a student loan, and would rather get raped than get screwed for the rest of my life by debt. This is scary to me as a freshman in college. They say the economy can turn around, I dont believe that will ever happen at this point. Our country is too far gone, and I dont think any republican or democrat can change that. (This is where the tracker is if it doesnt show up)

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  1. Nice well written and informed article. Having a college degree does mean higher salaries and more job opportunities than w/0 one in the long run .