Friday, October 15, 2010

Pull your pants up

We always hears adults talk about pants saggin and they usually say the same things, " saggin is niggas backward" and " they did that in prison to show that you wanted to get raped"...well thats all well and good but Im gonna tell you why I believe saggin pants is dumb. you look stupid. How do you expect people to take you seriously if you cant even put your pants on the right way? Its so easy..and what good is a belt if the pants arent even gonna be on your waist? I tried saggin my pans before (in my house in front of the mirror of course) and I felt so odd. I feel like at any moment some guy is gonna grab me by my hips and pelvis thrust me..You might think im forcing it but two guys tried to bag me and one of them semi stalked me and i think the other one(in the story down below) maybe wanted to rape me. But anyway it just felt odd to me. Even if you think pros and cons on pants saggin the cons win no contest.
PRO= you fit in....and thats it
CONS= *you cant run from trouble(you would have to grab your pants and do that "i have to take a doo-dee or take a really bad tinkle" walk and that isnt good enough to save your life
*you look stupid,
*when you fart you dont have your pants to shield the blast because since your boxers are out the fart goes uncensored....
*you cant use your hands in other things because they are constantly gonna be used to hold up your pants( so if your in the mall and your pants are saggin and your girl calls/txt you and you see someone you know walk by waving at you cant do anything because multitasking goes out the window the min you sag your pants)...

also lastly why do you copy rappers who sag their pants? because on the real some of these rappers are on the DL (down low) and your just blindly copying what they do. Its kinda like in the boondocks when gangstalicious got everyone wearing dresses and rocking purses. Finally, people think for yourself and pull up your do you expect people to take you serious and respect you when you carry yourself like a joke?

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