Monday, October 25, 2010

My time stuck in an elevator.

Theres this crappy movie that came out a while ago called Devil. Its an m.night shamalamading dong movie so you already know its gonna suck. The story (or from what i got from the trailer) is that there are people stuck in an elevator and demonic shenanigans ensue. Well I was stuck in an elevator and theres no movie about me!! My story is so much better than that. Mine took place when I was 14 years old. I volunteered at a hospital because I was too young to get a real job. Part of my job was to make deliveries from floor to floor. On this particular day my supervisor on the 8th floor told me that it ould be faster if I had decided to use the cargo elevator. I had never used the cargo elevator before and I decided to give it a try. I took the medical forms down to the floor it was supposed to be at and it was all good. I turned around and the cargo elevator was about to close. I ran and some doctors held it for me. Then the elevator went up a floor and just as it was in the middle of another one it stopped. We all gave each other the "wtf i hope this is a joke" look. The first five min we spent coming to the realization that we were actually stuck in the elevator. It was crazier for me because this was my first time on the cargo elevator. Inside it was 2 doctors, a nurse supervisor , two other hospital workers, and myself. We hit that red help button and waited for a response...none. I didnt have my phone because I had to leave it in the office. The next 25 min we had so much fun. We told jokes, stupid stories, and learned more about each other. I never knew it was possible to have fun stuck in an elevator. Doctors have a weird but funny sense of humor. In the end the elevator finally moved and we all got off relieved. There was no devil or mysterious death instead it was just hijinks and tomfoolery that ensued. I think i deserve a movie!!

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