Thursday, October 21, 2010

KevinsKewlKorner Officially Endorses Jimmy McMillan for Gov

"RENTS TOO DAMN HIGH" I know some of you guys are saying, "why are you supporting him for, you live in Boston?" Well that might be true, but I would gladly trade Deval Patrick, Charlie BAker, Tim Cahil, and all their LT Governors for Jimmy. When I saw the video I was dying. I thought he was just joking around, but the more I hear from him the more and more he impresses me. He isnt a politician but hes a real dude. Thats so hard to find nowadays, especially in politics. He has some pretty good ideas and he has a solid plan. Also hes HILARIOUS!!! Check out this interview he did on Opie and Anthony yesturday and you'll see why I think hes the man. If your in NY and your registered to vote, vote for JImmy McMillan!!!

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