Monday, October 18, 2010

Justin Beiber tough?!? BOISTOP

So Justin Beiber got in trouble today for assaulting a 12 year old kid at some laser tag place. I guess he took that "pick on somebody your own size" literally. Justin Beiber is really becoming a "tough guy" im soo scared. First he's free-styling to a camron vado song, then he's dissing Tom Brady telling him to "change his haircut" now hes hitting a 12 year old. HE really is on his way to becoming the gangsterest gangster of ALL TIME. This incident is such a bad hit for both sides involved. First the kid who got hit. How can you look at your friends in their eyes and tell them "Justin Beiber hit me and I didnt hit him back" without being called a "fag", a "loser", a "pussy" and whatever these kids say nowadays. HOW DO YOU LET JUSTIN BEIBER HIT YOU?! I feel bad for the boy's dad you think your raising a strong man until he gets hit by justin beiber...your drinking buddies would never let you forget that. Also this is a bad look for Justin Beiber. Isnt he like 15 or 16 and hes bossing around a 12 year old?!? over laser tag?!? what a PUSSY...

Random story about Justn BEiber: a few months ago my mom decided to help a family friend and watch her daughter. I come down stairs hearing her sing Justin Beibers songs, saying how much she loves him....In my mind all I could think is " Whatchu mean LOVE him, you havent even hit puberty yet? and if he ever did start a relationship with you that might be statutory rape"....Of couse I didnt say that aloud because after all she was only 3

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