Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A crazy story from middle school...involving jews, tic tacs and a bunch of shock filled faces

Let me start this off by saying that JEwish people are awesome and i know a few that are hilarious, but this story is about one group of kinda stupid Jews. So I was in 8th grade in our advisory aka homeroom. It was during lunch and my teacher Ms coburn (who I couldnt stand) had a special announcement...Her parents came to visit. Since our school was a super tight and strict school my classmates and I all stopped our conversations and turned to look up front. Her parents talked about something and then said they brought us something. We were all excited. Then we saw what they actually brought us and our faces dropped faster than the ball on new years eve (ugh I wanted something more clever but thats all I could come up with on short notice) They brought us all tic tacs. We were all like wtf. Did I mention that my middle school is pretty much black and Latino's....We were wondering why the hell they brought us tic tacs. Dont get me wrong there were some people who needed them, but not all of us. Her parents faces had such sincere smiles on it and we tried our best not to laugh at the fact they gave us tic tacs....Long story short we ended up throwing them at each other when her back was turned in her class. T-T-Thats all folks

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