Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy stories involving a midget and weed + a racist bum

Well it was a beautiful Saturday Morning. I was walking home from the barbershop and I saw a sign for the Ashmont Hill yard sale. For those who dont know, The Ashmont hill yard sale is when a bunch of houses in my neighborhood have yard sale at the same time. Anyway I was bored and needed to take a walk so I went home and dropped my hoody off and started walking to the yard sale. I had my headphones on and I was listening to something then I see this little adorable midget in a hoody and pajama pants. She said something to me, so I take my headphone off and look at her. What happens next surprised me...She opened her mouth and instead of that stupid weak midget voice she had a deep -batman-gangster voice. Who woulda thunk it right? Then she looked at me(correction Looked UP at me) and said "Ayo you know any niggas wit bud around here"...I was shocked and trying hard not to laugh. She looked so teeny tiny. She should be hooked on phonics not weed. I told her I dont know and we went our separate ways. I saw her a few weeks later getting into someones car @ Dunkin Donuts...I hope they remembered to get a child seat for her

I was on my way back home from seeing Jim Norton preform. This was months ago. It was a saturday night at park street station and the platform was surprisingly full. Then I see this homeless guy. He is asking people for change, but I quickly pick up on the pattern. He is asking only white people and hes black. Whats he trying to say that black people aint got money? Sure I wasnt gonna give him nothing but it doesnt hurt to ask. If I was crazy I would call Rev Al to help me sue that bum, but as I think about it life sued the bum and won. No one ended up giving him money anyway.

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