Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I love Jesus and other ramblings

I am a Christian. Some people are surprised because they have never met or heard a laid back, funny and pretty cool Christian before. I think Christians now are given such a bad image now. When most people think Christians they dont think "JEsus, LOve and Forgiveness" all they think of is "self righteous douchebags". My thing is this, Stop stereotyping Christians. We are not all on some looney Westbro BAptist Church stuff nor are we humorless and stuck up jerks. There are some dicks that are Christians but not all Christians are dicks. And for those crazy douches that claim to be a christian..ACT LIKE ONE. Dont get all self righteous with people. Would Jesus have done that to you? Nope, so dont do it to others. Dont forget where you came from, and its like my dad says "the only difference between you and others is one decision". Also for those who say "There is no GOd" Im gonna have to disagree with you . Right now I'm a freshman in college and I dont know how I woulda even got in to school if it wasn't for GOd. THis time last year I was failing two classes, I couldn't apply for most of the scholarships out there(and i didnt get any of the ones I did apply for), and my GPA sucked. Some people told me that I might be able to get into a community college. Might= its not 100%. I ended up applying to 10 schools and I got into 6 of them (all pretty good schools), and 2 out of the 6 gave me pretty decent money. Right now I'm working my behind off and If i keep this up I might be able to get Deans list or whatever. Also I'm better off than a bunch of other people my age. For example there was a kid in my first grade class, he was a good kid and he was super cool. The last time I heard his name was a year or two ago on 7 news saying that he was stabbed and killed on the bus going home. Another kid I was in 5th grade with (also a cool kid) was in the news and it was saying that he got arrested(he was 16 at the time i think) and he wont be believed until he's in his 20's. As you can see I have a lot to be grateful for and I dont think I would even be here if it wasnt for God. Im not perfect nor would I ever be, but I can be me and t-t-thats all folks

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  1. Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeeee GLORAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! You better testify!