Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullying(and i quick story of my old bullying ways)

I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows(Special Delivery with Sam and Dave) and they were talking about a suicide involving a Rutgers student because he was bullied and felt singled out for being gay. First of all no one should be discriminated against because of their difference. You should know your audience before you joke about someone. Some people might not actually receive it in the way you intended it. It might be funny to you but devastating to the person whos the victim to it. So simply make sure if you are doing something in fun, that its fun for all involved. If your doing a prank make sure you can laugh it off at the end guilt free. I have been working on that myself and its pretty tough. Also with cyberbullying, if you have to talk about people online because you are too scared to tell them in their face you are indeed a pussy. But I also believe that everyone gets bullied or has gotten bullied at one point or another in their life. Most people dont kill themselves because of it. You are just as strong as your response to a problem, and if you kill yourself because of bullying you are a weak person. I even bullied a kid before *STORY-TIME* Well I was five I think and I went to this summer camp. There was this kid who just annoyed me, I to this day dont know why. You know that person who just raises your blood pressure just by looking at them? Well that kid was one of them. Granted I was 5 and kids are cruel, but I was a dick to that kid. I remember pushing him on the playground once or twice, throwing something at him, and making fun of him. Its crazy cuz although that was 14 years ago I still feel kinda bad. I kinda want to find the kid and say sorry and hope that he isnt an emotional disaster, but I forgot his name and I think he moved on. But back to the point....bullying is wrong and you should treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

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