Monday, October 11, 2010

Breast Cancer: my little "scare" and other stuff

For those who don't know this month is Breast Cancer awareness month. I am typing this while wearing my I <3 boobies bracelet to support breast cancer awareness.. Breast Cancer is a serious cancer that gets both women and men(very few) alike. I had a crazy scare. It happened on a sunday. I was getting my clothes on for church and i felt my manboob. Sidenote: for those who dont know im not super fat or hefty, but i can stand to lose a little weight. I have mini manboobs. You know how in school they always ask that stupid questions at icebreakers that goes" if you were the opposite sex what would you do?" and guys always say "play with their tiddies"...well i got a pretty mediocre pair and its a bit overrated to tell you the truth lol but anyway back to the story..Sooooo i was feeling my manboobs and i felt a bump. I freaked out. I was so shook. I even looked online for breast cancer symptoms and was convinced I had something...Then I started touching and squeezing it and I realized it was just acne..I was never so relived and thankful for acne ever..THE END
but that being said check out and support these organizations:

Cancer sucks and the war against it aint over, so your support is needed and appreciated

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