Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Award shows....WHATS THE POINT

LAst night the BET Awards came on, and of course I didnt watch them. I dont think I watched an award show in YEARS. Award shows are pretty much the same thing.They always have an unfunny/uninteresting host. Or if they were funny and interesting they happened to lose it the min the award show started. When the categories and awards are presented the stars presenting them are so CORNY. Money might not buy you happiness, but it could buy you a good comedy writer, and some of these bums need it. Theres only one preformance thats worth your time and that usually comes near the end. Americans literacy rate is dropping and yet we know all about what happened at the latest award show..My advice READ A BOOK all the good parts are gonna be on youtube and worldstarhiphop anyway. You would get a lot more out of a book than you would out Waka Flocka( that name sounds like something a retard came up with to describe a bird lol) These award shows are pretty much celebs showing us how talented(or extremely untalented) they are, and I for one dont care.

And lastly Antoine Dodson: THE JOKE IS OVER!!! it was just funny because it was a gay hoodrat speaking his mind talking dumb, but its not funny anymore. Also some random guy on youtube made that song..all that reh-tard did was provide audio. If I was that guy on youtube who made that song I would def try and cash in

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