Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is scary to me as a college student

Our economy is in SUPER DEEP trouble. Obama had the nerve to tell us that the recession is over. We are in worse shape than we realize. First of all our debt is crazy. We are over 13 trillion in debt.!! For those who dont know how much 13 trillion is, if you spent a dollar from the days of Jesus till today you still wouldn't of spent 1 trillion dollars. Our govt is 13 trillion in debt! If you take every dollar out of every wallet and bank in this country you still cant pay off the debt. There is no way possible for us to pay off our debt. And what has 13 trillion got us exactly? nothing but 2 wars all based on lies, bailouts that went to greedy bankers instead of the people who need it most, and missing. The Federal Reserve is missing, actually they refuse to tell the American people where they put 20 trillion, the pentagon refuses to tell the people where they spent 8 trillion and we just sit there and let this happen. If a country like a China were to say, "Where our money at" America would be SOO screwed. Its not like we can afford to fight a war against china. Also states are very close to bankruptcy. Over 48 out of the 50 states are close to filing for bankruptcy. BUt what does all this have to do with me as a college student? well Ill tell you. Right now 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees, and 5075 janitors in this country all have PHD's or something equivalent. Its tough to find a job now. A BC LAw graduate wants his tuition back because he cant find a job. So for those people college just brought them a bunch of debt and no job. Also many college graduates find themselves moving back home because they cant afford anywhere else... Currently the student loan debt is higher than the credit card debt. This trackers shows that the student loan debt rises EVERY SECOND! I for one refuse to touch a student loan, and would rather get raped than get screwed for the rest of my life by debt. This is scary to me as a freshman in college. They say the economy can turn around, I dont believe that will ever happen at this point. Our country is too far gone, and I dont think any republican or democrat can change that. (This is where the tracker is if it doesnt show up)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The time I got confused for a drug dealer

I was on my way to see Bill Burr preform a few months back. I got downtown earlier than I expected, so i decided to head over to CVS to grab some twizzlers and other candy. As I was walking, some guy came up to me. The guy was kinda my height, big bug looking eyes, and bad breath. He then said something. I puled out my headphones and he repeated himself again.
"You got some of that stuff I need?''
Using the process of elimination he either wanted dick or some drugs, but his appearance made me circle Drugs in my mind. I of course played dumb.
"Whatchu talking about" , I replied
"You know, the stuff" he said back
(I was extra careful with the words I chose cuz I wasnt sure if he was a fiend or a cop..either way Im clean)
I told him that I aint got nothing and he dapped me up and was on his way. I then looked at my reflection in a window of one of the buildings downtown. Did I really look like a drug dealer? People thought I was a blood but never a drug dealer **Some ppl actually think Im a blood. That might be the reason the guy thought I sell drugs. Red is my favorite color and I OD when it comes to matching. Im not a blood im just a kid who loves red and is obsessed with matching** Anyway I wonder how he thought that. Was it my clothes? Was it my arrogant and semi-cocky walk? I thought about this for a min, laughed it off, got my twizzlers, and went to go see Bill Burr kill it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My time stuck in an elevator.

Theres this crappy movie that came out a while ago called Devil. Its an m.night shamalamading dong movie so you already know its gonna suck. The story (or from what i got from the trailer) is that there are people stuck in an elevator and demonic shenanigans ensue. Well I was stuck in an elevator and theres no movie about me!! My story is so much better than that. Mine took place when I was 14 years old. I volunteered at a hospital because I was too young to get a real job. Part of my job was to make deliveries from floor to floor. On this particular day my supervisor on the 8th floor told me that it ould be faster if I had decided to use the cargo elevator. I had never used the cargo elevator before and I decided to give it a try. I took the medical forms down to the floor it was supposed to be at and it was all good. I turned around and the cargo elevator was about to close. I ran and some doctors held it for me. Then the elevator went up a floor and just as it was in the middle of another one it stopped. We all gave each other the "wtf i hope this is a joke" look. The first five min we spent coming to the realization that we were actually stuck in the elevator. It was crazier for me because this was my first time on the cargo elevator. Inside it was 2 doctors, a nurse supervisor , two other hospital workers, and myself. We hit that red help button and waited for a response...none. I didnt have my phone because I had to leave it in the office. The next 25 min we had so much fun. We told jokes, stupid stories, and learned more about each other. I never knew it was possible to have fun stuck in an elevator. Doctors have a weird but funny sense of humor. In the end the elevator finally moved and we all got off relieved. There was no devil or mysterious death instead it was just hijinks and tomfoolery that ensued. I think i deserve a movie!!

Think for yourself

I cant stand people that dont think for themselves..They rely on so many other mediums and stuff to get their opinion instead of making there own. To many brilliant individual minds are getting drowned in the wave of conformity. Theres nothing wrong with agreeing with someone, but if you forsake your beliefs to appease someone else you are weak minded. How can you claim to be a leader if you are mentally a follower? God gave you a brain, so use it

Thursday, October 21, 2010

KevinsKewlKorner Officially Endorses Jimmy McMillan for Gov

"RENTS TOO DAMN HIGH" I know some of you guys are saying, "why are you supporting him for, you live in Boston?" Well that might be true, but I would gladly trade Deval Patrick, Charlie BAker, Tim Cahil, and all their LT Governors for Jimmy. When I saw the video I was dying. I thought he was just joking around, but the more I hear from him the more and more he impresses me. He isnt a politician but hes a real dude. Thats so hard to find nowadays, especially in politics. He has some pretty good ideas and he has a solid plan. Also hes HILARIOUS!!! Check out this interview he did on Opie and Anthony yesturday and you'll see why I think hes the man. If your in NY and your registered to vote, vote for JImmy McMillan!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy stories involving a midget and weed + a racist bum

Well it was a beautiful Saturday Morning. I was walking home from the barbershop and I saw a sign for the Ashmont Hill yard sale. For those who dont know, The Ashmont hill yard sale is when a bunch of houses in my neighborhood have yard sale at the same time. Anyway I was bored and needed to take a walk so I went home and dropped my hoody off and started walking to the yard sale. I had my headphones on and I was listening to something then I see this little adorable midget in a hoody and pajama pants. She said something to me, so I take my headphone off and look at her. What happens next surprised me...She opened her mouth and instead of that stupid weak midget voice she had a deep -batman-gangster voice. Who woulda thunk it right? Then she looked at me(correction Looked UP at me) and said "Ayo you know any niggas wit bud around here"...I was shocked and trying hard not to laugh. She looked so teeny tiny. She should be hooked on phonics not weed. I told her I dont know and we went our separate ways. I saw her a few weeks later getting into someones car @ Dunkin Donuts...I hope they remembered to get a child seat for her

I was on my way back home from seeing Jim Norton preform. This was months ago. It was a saturday night at park street station and the platform was surprisingly full. Then I see this homeless guy. He is asking people for change, but I quickly pick up on the pattern. He is asking only white people and hes black. Whats he trying to say that black people aint got money? Sure I wasnt gonna give him nothing but it doesnt hurt to ask. If I was crazy I would call Rev Al to help me sue that bum, but as I think about it life sued the bum and won. No one ended up giving him money anyway.

A crazy story from middle school...involving jews, tic tacs and a bunch of shock filled faces

Let me start this off by saying that JEwish people are awesome and i know a few that are hilarious, but this story is about one group of kinda stupid Jews. So I was in 8th grade in our advisory aka homeroom. It was during lunch and my teacher Ms coburn (who I couldnt stand) had a special announcement...Her parents came to visit. Since our school was a super tight and strict school my classmates and I all stopped our conversations and turned to look up front. Her parents talked about something and then said they brought us something. We were all excited. Then we saw what they actually brought us and our faces dropped faster than the ball on new years eve (ugh I wanted something more clever but thats all I could come up with on short notice) They brought us all tic tacs. We were all like wtf. Did I mention that my middle school is pretty much black and Latino's....We were wondering why the hell they brought us tic tacs. Dont get me wrong there were some people who needed them, but not all of us. Her parents faces had such sincere smiles on it and we tried our best not to laugh at the fact they gave us tic tacs....Long story short we ended up throwing them at each other when her back was turned in her class. T-T-Thats all folks

Conflict in Congo

It was brought to my attention yesterday that this week is Congo week. A week to raise awareness about the current situation thats taking place over in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo is in the midst of a conflict. The DR Congo has recently came out of a bloody and brutal 5 year war in which more than 5 million people lost their lives. Its crazy how 5 million people die and yet most of us (including myself) are oblivious to this. To put this number in perspective 6 million European Jews were killed in the holocaust, and thats Europe as a whole. DR Congo is 1 million short and they are just a pretty small country. Its insane how all this killing is just swept under the rug. This situation in a way came from the fallout of the rwandan genocide (the genocide Hotel Rwanda was based on) This also involves the Hutu's ad the Tutis. What I dont get is how they are killing each other because of that? If they were to get pulled over by a cop in America they would all be considered black...Its stupid how people fight and spill blood over the most asinine differences. And although the war is over violence and mass rapes still take place. That being said I am still to find out what I can do on my level to help come, but I think all they want is for people to spread awareness

Article Link:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Justin Beiber tough?!? BOISTOP

So Justin Beiber got in trouble today for assaulting a 12 year old kid at some laser tag place. I guess he took that "pick on somebody your own size" literally. Justin Beiber is really becoming a "tough guy" im soo scared. First he's free-styling to a camron vado song, then he's dissing Tom Brady telling him to "change his haircut" now hes hitting a 12 year old. HE really is on his way to becoming the gangsterest gangster of ALL TIME. This incident is such a bad hit for both sides involved. First the kid who got hit. How can you look at your friends in their eyes and tell them "Justin Beiber hit me and I didnt hit him back" without being called a "fag", a "loser", a "pussy" and whatever these kids say nowadays. HOW DO YOU LET JUSTIN BEIBER HIT YOU?! I feel bad for the boy's dad you think your raising a strong man until he gets hit by justin beiber...your drinking buddies would never let you forget that. Also this is a bad look for Justin Beiber. Isnt he like 15 or 16 and hes bossing around a 12 year old?!? over laser tag?!? what a PUSSY...

Random story about Justn BEiber: a few months ago my mom decided to help a family friend and watch her daughter. I come down stairs hearing her sing Justin Beibers songs, saying how much she loves him....In my mind all I could think is " Whatchu mean LOVE him, you havent even hit puberty yet? and if he ever did start a relationship with you that might be statutory rape"....Of couse I didnt say that aloud because after all she was only 3

Article Link:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I love Jesus and other ramblings

I am a Christian. Some people are surprised because they have never met or heard a laid back, funny and pretty cool Christian before. I think Christians now are given such a bad image now. When most people think Christians they dont think "JEsus, LOve and Forgiveness" all they think of is "self righteous douchebags". My thing is this, Stop stereotyping Christians. We are not all on some looney Westbro BAptist Church stuff nor are we humorless and stuck up jerks. There are some dicks that are Christians but not all Christians are dicks. And for those crazy douches that claim to be a christian..ACT LIKE ONE. Dont get all self righteous with people. Would Jesus have done that to you? Nope, so dont do it to others. Dont forget where you came from, and its like my dad says "the only difference between you and others is one decision". Also for those who say "There is no GOd" Im gonna have to disagree with you . Right now I'm a freshman in college and I dont know how I woulda even got in to school if it wasn't for GOd. THis time last year I was failing two classes, I couldn't apply for most of the scholarships out there(and i didnt get any of the ones I did apply for), and my GPA sucked. Some people told me that I might be able to get into a community college. Might= its not 100%. I ended up applying to 10 schools and I got into 6 of them (all pretty good schools), and 2 out of the 6 gave me pretty decent money. Right now I'm working my behind off and If i keep this up I might be able to get Deans list or whatever. Also I'm better off than a bunch of other people my age. For example there was a kid in my first grade class, he was a good kid and he was super cool. The last time I heard his name was a year or two ago on 7 news saying that he was stabbed and killed on the bus going home. Another kid I was in 5th grade with (also a cool kid) was in the news and it was saying that he got arrested(he was 16 at the time i think) and he wont be believed until he's in his 20's. As you can see I have a lot to be grateful for and I dont think I would even be here if it wasnt for God. Im not perfect nor would I ever be, but I can be me and t-t-thats all folks

Pull your pants up

We always hears adults talk about pants saggin and they usually say the same things, " saggin is niggas backward" and " they did that in prison to show that you wanted to get raped"...well thats all well and good but Im gonna tell you why I believe saggin pants is dumb. you look stupid. How do you expect people to take you seriously if you cant even put your pants on the right way? Its so easy..and what good is a belt if the pants arent even gonna be on your waist? I tried saggin my pans before (in my house in front of the mirror of course) and I felt so odd. I feel like at any moment some guy is gonna grab me by my hips and pelvis thrust me..You might think im forcing it but two guys tried to bag me and one of them semi stalked me and i think the other one(in the story down below) maybe wanted to rape me. But anyway it just felt odd to me. Even if you think pros and cons on pants saggin the cons win no contest.
PRO= you fit in....and thats it
CONS= *you cant run from trouble(you would have to grab your pants and do that "i have to take a doo-dee or take a really bad tinkle" walk and that isnt good enough to save your life
*you look stupid,
*when you fart you dont have your pants to shield the blast because since your boxers are out the fart goes uncensored....
*you cant use your hands in other things because they are constantly gonna be used to hold up your pants( so if your in the mall and your pants are saggin and your girl calls/txt you and you see someone you know walk by waving at you cant do anything because multitasking goes out the window the min you sag your pants)...

also lastly why do you copy rappers who sag their pants? because on the real some of these rappers are on the DL (down low) and your just blindly copying what they do. Its kinda like in the boondocks when gangstalicious got everyone wearing dresses and rocking purses. Finally, people think for yourself and pull up your do you expect people to take you serious and respect you when you carry yourself like a joke?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Award shows....WHATS THE POINT

LAst night the BET Awards came on, and of course I didnt watch them. I dont think I watched an award show in YEARS. Award shows are pretty much the same thing.They always have an unfunny/uninteresting host. Or if they were funny and interesting they happened to lose it the min the award show started. When the categories and awards are presented the stars presenting them are so CORNY. Money might not buy you happiness, but it could buy you a good comedy writer, and some of these bums need it. Theres only one preformance thats worth your time and that usually comes near the end. Americans literacy rate is dropping and yet we know all about what happened at the latest award show..My advice READ A BOOK all the good parts are gonna be on youtube and worldstarhiphop anyway. You would get a lot more out of a book than you would out Waka Flocka( that name sounds like something a retard came up with to describe a bird lol) These award shows are pretty much celebs showing us how talented(or extremely untalented) they are, and I for one dont care.

And lastly Antoine Dodson: THE JOKE IS OVER!!! it was just funny because it was a gay hoodrat speaking his mind talking dumb, but its not funny anymore. Also some random guy on youtube made that song..all that reh-tard did was provide audio. If I was that guy on youtube who made that song I would def try and cash in

Monday, October 11, 2010

Breast Cancer: my little "scare" and other stuff

For those who don't know this month is Breast Cancer awareness month. I am typing this while wearing my I <3 boobies bracelet to support breast cancer awareness.. Breast Cancer is a serious cancer that gets both women and men(very few) alike. I had a crazy scare. It happened on a sunday. I was getting my clothes on for church and i felt my manboob. Sidenote: for those who dont know im not super fat or hefty, but i can stand to lose a little weight. I have mini manboobs. You know how in school they always ask that stupid questions at icebreakers that goes" if you were the opposite sex what would you do?" and guys always say "play with their tiddies"...well i got a pretty mediocre pair and its a bit overrated to tell you the truth lol but anyway back to the story..Sooooo i was feeling my manboobs and i felt a bump. I freaked out. I was so shook. I even looked online for breast cancer symptoms and was convinced I had something...Then I started touching and squeezing it and I realized it was just acne..I was never so relived and thankful for acne ever..THE END
but that being said check out and support these organizations:

Cancer sucks and the war against it aint over, so your support is needed and appreciated

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tales from public transportation

As some of you know, i take public transportation a lot. I have my license but at this point its kinda cheaper for me to take the mbta(public transportation here in boston) than drive. Anyway public transportation is full of weirdos and shenanigans. I have seen so many things on the mbta and here are just a few of these crazy stories:

Old guy + crackhead +knife= fun for all
One day I was comming back from work and I was on the 23. For those who arent familiar with the mbta, the 23 is a bus filled with hoodrats, crazy people and non-stop tomfoolery. A quiet bus ride on the 23 is as common as an eclipse... Anyway the bus was crowded and the only space I could get was standing room near the back of the bus. In the back of the bus there was a lady on her phone and a crackhead(and a bunch of other people) The bus made a sudden stop and the crackhead accidentally stepped on the lady's foot. The lady told the person she was on the phone with to hang on and then proceeded to say loudly at the crackhead,"you aint gonna say excuse me or nothing?!" the crackhead responded with something along the lines of "shut up b*tch!" they continued to argue for a few more min until the lady got off the bus. When you thought the arguement would end here goes the crackhead like," you better move on b*tch" he continued to yell cuss words and insults at her(she got of the bus mins prior) then ths old guy calmly says to the crackhead, "can you please stop swearing there are kids on the bus?". The crackhead didnt seem to listen and kept going on with his rant. The old guy then asked him again, no change. The third time he got up, and very few people saw it, but he grabbed a pocket knife off his waist and moved it to the other hand like it was OZ or something and grabbed the crackhead by the neck and was close to stabbing him when..people started backing up and getting off the bus. The bus driver thought there was a fight going on and kicked them both out(not seeing the knife). After they were both kicked off the guy attempted to stab the guy again..Just when that happened the bus pulled off. Never seen the crackhead again(but you hardly see crackheads more than twice anyway)

The guy who wanted to bag me
It was another long day at work from another job and I hopped on the train. It was pretty late at night so I was one of three people on the platform. One of the people there was this big black guy that looked like the guy from the blindside movie+yogi bear lol. It was pretty silent and then he asked me the time. I told him the time and started listening to music. Then my psp with my music died, leaving me open to annoying conversations and stupid noises. The train came and I hopped on it(wow that sounds weird considering im talking about a guy who wanted to bag me lol) anyway I was sitting on the train and the guy turns to me and asks me some stupid question .Then he started asking me my name(which i lied about), my school, my grade, blah blah blah..It got weird when he asked me stuff like: am i single? and do i have sex? and stuff like that. Then the train pulled into a tunnel. You know how you could see your reflection in the window across from you when a train goes into a tunnel? well i looked at the window and what I saw was something I would never forget. The guy was staring at me and he puled out a can of axe and started spraying himself(all the while looking at me) He then asked me where I live and asked me for my number..Thank God it was my stop! When the doors opened I walked lickity split out the station. And like a bad horror movie I turned around and the guy was following me. Note I just came from a long day of work the last thing I wanted to do is fight. So i crossed the street and then I saw him look back and forth for a while and gave up. That is the second time a guy attempted to bag me and the first time I legit thought I was gonna get raped. I felt like katt williams at the end of friday after next lol.

Stink box in my face(ewwwwww)
Well i was going to work,and the bus was crowded. The only seat I could get was near the rear door.Right as I sit down and get comfy I smell this HORRID smell.There was a fat chick who was standing right in front of me and he box smelled so bad!! You can smell it through her pants it was that strong. It smelled like ghandi mixed with dead hopes and dreams. I tried my best not to make a face or gag and then it happened. The bus made a sudden stop in front of stop and shop and(you know how whwn a bus stops and you go forward and quickly fall back?) Well that happened to her. Her ass went two inches away from my face. You could call her a walking hearse because she was carrying a box of death. It was so hard not to throw up. Then she gave me this slutty smile( the type of smile that said "I know you want this") and walked off. That smell lingered in the bus till i got off took a big breath of fresh air and Thanked God for it....That was one of the worst smells I have EVER smelled

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullying(and i quick story of my old bullying ways)

I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows(Special Delivery with Sam and Dave) and they were talking about a suicide involving a Rutgers student because he was bullied and felt singled out for being gay. First of all no one should be discriminated against because of their difference. You should know your audience before you joke about someone. Some people might not actually receive it in the way you intended it. It might be funny to you but devastating to the person whos the victim to it. So simply make sure if you are doing something in fun, that its fun for all involved. If your doing a prank make sure you can laugh it off at the end guilt free. I have been working on that myself and its pretty tough. Also with cyberbullying, if you have to talk about people online because you are too scared to tell them in their face you are indeed a pussy. But I also believe that everyone gets bullied or has gotten bullied at one point or another in their life. Most people dont kill themselves because of it. You are just as strong as your response to a problem, and if you kill yourself because of bullying you are a weak person. I even bullied a kid before *STORY-TIME* Well I was five I think and I went to this summer camp. There was this kid who just annoyed me, I to this day dont know why. You know that person who just raises your blood pressure just by looking at them? Well that kid was one of them. Granted I was 5 and kids are cruel, but I was a dick to that kid. I remember pushing him on the playground once or twice, throwing something at him, and making fun of him. Its crazy cuz although that was 14 years ago I still feel kinda bad. I kinda want to find the kid and say sorry and hope that he isnt an emotional disaster, but I forgot his name and I think he moved on. But back to the point....bullying is wrong and you should treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Rutgers link:

Friday, October 1, 2010

shut up you olde jizz bag

One thing that has been getting on my nerves, grinding my gears and razzes my berries is when some old people go off on some babbling rant about how young people nowadays are lazy and worse than the youth of their day. My response to that stupidity is simple. First off not all young people are lazy, irresponsible, violent hooligans. I know a bunch of young ppl with @ least 2 jobs, so that gets rid of the lazy sterotype. Also yeah there might be some lazy young people but so what there are lazy adults too. Not all young people are not irresponsible. Young people are young people. We are still in development. We are still trying to learn and find our way. So my advice to those old douches is if you aint gonna help with the problem simply stfu and eat your mushy peas. And when it comes to violence, not all young people commit crimes. Most of us would not wanna get put in a cell and get our butt raped, but there are some who do. Also young people partook in shenanigans and tomfoolery from the begining of time. These judgemental, self righteous old wankers forget the simple fact that they were teens and young adults too and instead of making a change and mentoring and helping these young people, these old jizz bags just stay on the sidelines and comment. Talk is cheap. Children are the future so as an experienced person who lived a pretty decent long life you should be working to make sure that these young people don't grow up and make the same mistakes you made.