Monday, September 20, 2010

Why it would be better to make drugs legal

I was watching Boardwalk Empire today and it got me thinking. For those who dont know Boardwalk Empire is a show about Prohibition in the 20's. Prohibition caused so much trouble in the 20's and led to nothing but a bloodbath. Currently in the UNited States we are in a drug prohibition. Drugs are deemed illegal and people are flooding the underground market to get them. Violence is still high due to the drug trade. My question is what would happen if drugs were legal? In my mind if drugs were legal that would get rid of the violence because theres no point of spilling blood over something legal right? you dont see best buy lining up target employees across the wall and gunning them all down because of the cost of DVDs. Also if drugs were legal I doubt the number of users would increase. Drinking increased during prohibition because booze was hard to get and it was such a guilty pleasure. Same with drugs. People who dont use drugs wont start using them because its legal. Also if drugs are legal that would decrease the number of inmates locked up on petty crimes, therefore saving the state( and taxpayers) a load of money. Speaking of money the govt can do what they do best and tax the crap out of it, resulting in alot of money made. Cigarettes and booze kill people now, but its legal ( past a certain age) and everyone isnt doing it. Thats why I think it would be more beneficial if drugs were legal in this country

PS: i dont do drugs, I dont even like drinking.

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