Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why i was annoyed today

After a long day at school(actually short day, but long commute) I got home and I looked at the mail. I got some letter from this job(that I believe I am more than qualified for) telling me I didnt get the job. Although that part annoyed me the part that got me heated was the letter. It was in that "nice BS" talk. I HATE THAT!! just tell me i dont have the job instead of wasting my time reading this BS letter

I could pretty much give you one of those letters:

Hi(fill in your name),
Thanks for your interest in (name of place) but we are sorry to let you know that our employment period has ended, and we have found other qualified people for the position.{TRANSLATION: You didn't get the job} We really appreciate your time{TRANSLATION: Im sorry you wasted your time and ours} We wish you nothing but the best in your search {TRANSLATION: in this economy good luck buddy} Also your resume would stay on file for up to a year just in case we find a position perfect for you{TRANSLATION: we might look at your resume again if one of our employees gets fired for robbing us or child porn but the possiblity of that happening is low, so i guess your jobless buddy} Good luck and we wish you the best {TRANSLATION: we just add this part in just in case your emotionally unstable so you wont kill yourself or be depressed}

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