Thursday, September 2, 2010

T.I. in jail AGAIN

First off I love TIs music and i hate the Tiny and toya show
Well for those who havent heard TI and his wife got arrested for smoking weed. This is crazy,considering he got out of jail a whle ago for gun possession. Why is it that famous people seem to get money, but slowly seem to lose something called COMMON SENSE. He has 5 kids,a wife, a pretty successful music career and just starred in Takers(in which he played someone who got out of jail lol irony anyone?!) Theres a possibility that he could of just violated his parole and might have to serve 3 years over this tomfoolery. I know a bunch of people in the celebrity culture smoke weed, but if you have so much to lose,wont it make sense just to give it up(or do it somewhere where you dont get caught) I thought the point of being rich and successful is that you wont have to go back to the shenanigans that you used to partake in. TI might be going back to jail again. Way to go Ti now the only paper you might be getting wont be money,but letters from fans asking when the album drops,and the only place you can enjoy that paper is from a small jail cell.

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