Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This week in news (so far)

So preacher Eddie Long is under fire for allegedly getting sex from teenage boys and offering them a bunch of stuff as a "bribe" so to speak. I dont know if this is true or not and since I believe all people are innocent until proven guilty, I will state my opinon without being judgmental: First and foremost everyone has "secret shenanigans" that we partake in that we wouldnt like out in the public. It just so happens that Eddie Longs is allegidly sex with teenage boys. I never understood the whole craze with people in religion having sex with little boys. Whats so magical about little boys, that old people seem to wanna put their "holy rod" into their "promise land"? let me stop because that just makes me feel dirty just talking about it. The boys claim that he gave them money, cars and all these other stuff in return for sexual favors. If they got all this stuff then whats the point of suing him. They already won. I need to do some more reading on he incident in order to come to a few other conclusions..Lastly to all those people using this situation as a way to attack christianity let me tell you this. Not all christians are like that, and everyone has theier issue and battle to fight. So dont attack the whole religion because of the shenanigans of a few..

Mike Vick is named starting QB for the Eagles...Finally. Its a shame how some people dont let negative things go. HE served his time, unlike Lindsey Lohan who got released and failed a drug test AGAIN and is going back into jail (i hope shes in gen pop with those tough big manish lesbians who wanted to rape her...dont give me that look..she deserves it) And back to the point. Vick is the better QB for the Eagles at this point and its good to see him get another chance.

The UN is meeting....does anyone care?!? i dont...those douchebags dont get anything done anyway

They are talking about passing a DREAM act which is amnesty for illegals i think under the age of 16(or something like that) i need to do more reading on it...but i talked about this in my post about sounds all well and good but WE CANT AFFORD IT!! unless mexico wants to help pay a little..oh I forgot THEIR BROKE TOO

The Town remains the number one movie in America> I just love seeing Boston movies do well. I dont think there was one Boston movie I didnt like...oh wait I forgot Blue Hill Ave lol

and last but not least I TURNED 19 TODAY!!!!!
and thats the news so far this week :)

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