Thursday, September 23, 2010

random thought OVERLOAD

-why do ppl waste more time focusing and hoping on someones elses downfall than their own personal elevation?
-why do some asians look mad angry for no reason?
-you know how people say "all dogs go to heaven"? well if thats true is there gonna be some sort of restraining order in place if michael vick gets there or would all be forgiven?
-why are ppl so quick to tell everyone their business and not even think about it possibly blowing back in their face?
-'m sorry but everytime I hear Creole its like "Charlie brown teacher" talk to me...
-i hate when some ppl say stuff like,"i dont make friends i make money" you just wanna tell them "maybe you should start making friends becuse you clearly aint making any money"
- how come ppl are the first to say they want someone to be real with them and once you are real with them they get mad? if you didnt want the truth you should of asked me and i woulda given you the payless-fake version...ppl dont kno what they want
-why do women like to brag how they mature faster than men,And then years down the road they are trying there hardest to look younger?.....I guess they can't have it both ways huh?
- i never understood why some people say "my haters keep me motivated" when they got nothing to be motivated for... everytime one of those "aint got nothing going on,but haters keep me motivated" people say that i wanna say,"do they? do they REALLY? if they got you so motivated why aint you doing anything
-why are ppl so angry? you walk down the street and smile and they look at you like you just told them,"hey i just slept with your mom and killed your dog"..since when is being kind a chore
- isnt it weird how some of the straightest guys constantly say no homo, but when they get in a heated argument(most times wit another guy) they use the expression "suck my dick"....thats a bit contradictory
- if you go to a sperm bank and donate some of your cumzees and some lady gets pregnant off it...can she get at you for child support?
-Prostitues are mad lucky in this economy..They dont have to find work, work comes to them...Why cant finding a job be that easy?!
-NURSERY RHYME EDITION: you kno that nursery rhyme with the old lady who lived in a shoe with all those kids? Well was she on welfare cuz how could she support all those kids? Also if she is getting child support for all those kids, why doesn't she move out the shoe and into an apartment or something....what a dumb old lady
-Ever notice how Fake ppl keep telling themselves they're real over and over,meanwhile a real person don't even need to claim their real...there life and actions speak for itself
-you kno how the bible says love your neighbor as much as you love yourself..well what if you hate yourself does that give you an excuse to be a douchebag to others?
-I'm watching the movie up and it hit me... If this was the real world and if a kid went missing with an old guy to south America don't you think there would be all these amber alerts and news reports out and also the old guy might get accused of being a pedophile?
-why do some guys wit money still try to act gangster and all that and try to act tough...I thought the point of having money was to escape those problems not get in em
- remember the days in elementary school when we were trading and selling pokemon and yu gi oh cards like they were drugs in the bathroom lol and then when you heard a teacher comming you hit the cards and prentended you were taking a leak
-if one person prays for 1 team to win and another person prays4 the opposing team to win..who does god let win?! Does he flip a coin? Does he even care who won?does he stay neutral cuz the angels are betting?!
-If I ever become a disgusting fat bastard who has a daughter and makes her dress like a lil hoe in pagents when She's a toddler...feel free to kick me in the nuts and stab me
- Hoodrats are one of Gods ways of showing us that he has a sense of humor
-you kno that Drake line"thanks to all my haters I kno G4 pilots on firstname basis" does that mean?! I have haters,you have haters and I don't kno any pilots..ithink my haters aren't hating hard enough,if your a hater plz hate a little harder cuz I wanna kno a pilot too..
-isn't pokemon just a little kid version of dogfighting? Your training something to beat another thing for money and respect? That sounds exactly like dogfighting to me
-why do we give homeless people canned goods when they most likey won't have a can opener?

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