Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The bible is the most published book in history, and nowadays you can easily download it on your phone, ipod, kindle, ect. I was watching the book of eli(for those who haven't seen it feel free to look away) and in the beginning of the movie he pulls out an ipod>>>that being said the book the guy wants is the bible...If the book was so important to him how come he didnt get the bible app on his phone or something?

I was also watching the last exorcism (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) DONT LOOK IF YOU STILL WANNA SEE IT!!!!

in the end the retard ending up finding out that the town is partaking in some crazy shenanigans and decides "nows the time to hold up a crucifix" what a dumbass...long story short he gets come people in horror movies start out as the smartest person in the world but seems to forget a little thing called common sense?

Also in Toy Story 3, the toys are put in a position when andy has to go off to college...My question is dont you think if the toys were to talk to andy, andy would say "oh shoot my toys can talk, im definetley keeping these!!" of course he would, i would keep my old toys if they all of a sudden came to life and wanted me to play with them

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