Monday, September 20, 2010

Questions about Hitting females

Some of you saw the title and automatically think to yourself " What the hell? Is Kevin out his mind?", but dont let the title confuse you. Domestic Violence and hitting females is a pretty cut and dry issue. Everyone can agree that it is wrong to hit a woman and that those who do it should be punished..Although I completely agree and think that hitting females should be strictly limited to birthday punches and waking up with her sitting on top of you pointing a gun in your face, I have a few thoughts about the whole matter at hand:

First off, Why wont some females let things go and let the guy walk away? There was an argument pn my street between this guy and his girl and as he started to walk away she kept following him constantly yelling and asking for trouble...What should happen to those type of females?

Also what if you hit a post op transexual(or a transexual period)? Would that be considered in the same area as hitting a female?

Lastly if you go out with a female boxer and she hits you, are you allowed to hit her back or are you limited to just defense?

That being said I would never hit a female, but I would be lying if I said the thought hasn't come across my mind( for those who know me, think piggy) ...Bill Burr said it best, "You should never hit a female.. you get caught, you go to jail, you get raped..its awful"

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