Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothing but good feedback so far :)

You guys are the greatest! This blog went from a suggestion to a movement faster than i expected. I haven't heard one negative thing about it yet(and thats awesome). If you like it tell your friend, spread the word, follow..blah blah blah. I dont wanna brag but my blog is pretty awesome, but dont take my word for it, check out what people said:

"I thought it was quite intellectual. Great perpsective, and it was shared thoughtfully. I loved it."
"I love the blogs they're great and as I read them I hear your voice as a voice over.... Too funny"
"its fucking hilarious"
" that's gonna be my new fav. sight outside youtube"

Lastly Quick shoutout to my: US, UK, Canadian, Brazilian, German, Denmarkian, israeli and turkish supporters

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