Sunday, September 12, 2010

No student loans for me

I just started my first year of college and its been going pretty well so far, and im doing it cheap too. My goal is to graduate in four years debt free so once I graduate all the money I make is completely mine. I refuse to touch student loans. think about it, if you take student loans, yeah you get through school, but once you graduate you have to pay that amount back plus more. So for most of your life you are going to be someones hoe, working hard to make someone else money. I refuse to do that. I talked to a few people who are 40 and up who still havent completely paid off their loans. Thats why if i have to work a few jobs, sacrifice not buying a few pairs of sneakers, working hard looking for scholarships and all that other stuff its worth it. I will not allow myself to become a slave to debt. I would be a prostitute before I accept any student loans because I rather get screwed once than get screwed for the rest of my life by debt

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