Sunday, September 19, 2010

my view of illegal immigration

I was watching the movie machete last night(good movie btw) and throughout the entire movie it seemed like they were trying to shove the topic of illegal immigration down my throat. My opinion on the matter is this. Our country was "founded" by immigrants such as the Vikings, The Native Americans, or even Europeans. But the thing is as a country we cant afford illegal immigration. America is in a big financial hole. Our national debt is crazy high, 46 out of 50 states are close to bankruptcy, unemployment is constantly rising, the dollar is losing value at a rapid pace, and so on and so forth. It would be nice if we could help those good immigrants who want to escape mexico and come to the land of opportunities, but we cant afford it. Also i hate when people say "illegals take jobs regular americans wont want"..What regular americans are they talking about?!?! i would gladly scrub a toilet if it means I have a job and so would many other americans. What they mean to say is "illegals do jobs that the UPPER CLASS american wont do"...Another issue with the immigration is not all immigrants are here for good reasons. There are a few that are up here committing violent acts and moving drugs. Those are the ones who should be deported lickity split. But the thing with the mainstream media is they wont tell you the whole story. They either paint immigrants as people who do no wrong or as complete savages. It is not fair to judge an entire group on the actions of a few, but that being said we should quickly remove the few before it gets worse.

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