Monday, September 27, 2010

is chivalry dead?

So i keep hearing females talk about how "chivalry is dead" well you know what..they are absolutely right and you know who killed it? entitled females. Nothing is worse than going out of your way to hold a door for a female and instead of receiving a simple "thank you " you get a dirty " you better be holding that door" look. Theres very little I can do. Yeah I could call her out on it, but do i really feel like wasting my breath? yeah i could mush her face in a jelly doughnut and kick her where the sun dont shine, but do i really wanna be someone's cell mate? I still continue to hold doors and stuff because thats how i was raised but what about the guys who weren't raised that way? situations like that either lead to something drastic or them forsaking the chivalrous code all because of some entitled that is why chivalry is dead

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