Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl....what a bust

This hurricane was such a disappointment. They put Boston on some state of emergency and all we get is rain(and not even a hard rainstorm). Don't be confused I don't want a hurricane like katrina, all I wanted was something that I could be proud to survive through,but instead we get this soft pussy hurricane. No wind or nothing,just rain while its still fairly hot out. And today(saturday) its super nice out and might be the best looking day this week up here.You kno how some parents lie or stretch the truth when they tell kids about something to make it sound awesome? Well I might have to do that when they ask me about how I survived hurricane earl lol...From this point on if you name your child earl you are pretty much saying that they are gonna be a disapointing pussy. Random thought: Why not instead of calling people "fag" when they act soft lets call them "earl"..different word same meaning...
(I apologize in advance if i offended anyone with the name earl...but then again who has that name anymore? lol)

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