Monday, September 6, 2010

How I handled a craigslist scammer

Long story short:(and short story shorter) I tried to sell my xbox 360 on craigslist and instead of getting someone awesome i got a nigerian scammer....and this is how the whole conversation went down
Someone named jenifer cloud hit me up after i posted my ad on craigslist:

Jc:Hello seller i would like to know if this Item is still up for sale so let me know the total cost that we cost me to get it and please tell me the present condition of it too...

Me:Hello,the xbox is still for sale. I'm selling it for 130$. Its in fairly new condition, I only used it maybe twice to beat modern warfare 2 and never used since. Also its not banned from xbox live so you could still go on xbox live if you choose. Do you have any other question or concerns? If so ill be sure to answer. Thanks

JC:Thanks for you reply,i am located in Remsenburg city
in NY,i really need to buy this and send to my
son schooling outside the state as a gift .I have
been trying to buy this on ebay but its so very stressful
buying on ebay.I will offer you $160 so as to close the
auction as soon as possible.I will be paying through PAYPAL
because i have a verified account with paypal.So kindly get back with
your paypal email address so i can make payment into your paypal
account.Once payment clears,shipment will be handled by me through my
personal fedex account,so you dont have to pay for
shipment.Get back to me if my approval is granted.I would like to see
the pictures please.

Jc:I have just made out the payment online now.Go and check the mail you
used in opening your paypal account the confirmation mail have been
sent there check the inbox or the spam message you should see it
there........ I will also like you to know that i am having some little
problems with my fedex account as i checked it online now and i was asked to
reactivate it so i cant do that now as i have to sort one or two thing out
with them.So i am sorry as i wont be handling shipment through my fedex
account again.So, pls get the postage cost to the following address
via post office(USPS PRIORITY MAIL at the usps office) and
ship out the item via post office (PRIORITY MAIL) asap cos i have told my
son to be expecting it. I have also included $7 extra for the shipping. i
think that should be enough for you to ship
Name: Bamidele Tosin
Address: No 4 madojutimi Street,
City: Ota
State:Ogun State
Postal Code: 23439
Country: Nigeria.
Let me know how much it costs you to ship.After you ship get back to me
with the amount you used to ship. .I am really sorry for the inconveniences.

Me:What's your address here?If anything ill send it too you and you can send it to your son.I would also give you back the extra money from the shipping

JC:don't bother your self to send anything to me just ship it to my son directly if you send it to me my husband here will querry me that where am i find this and this may result to another thing cos he so mad nowaday just help me to send it to him directly

Me:I sent it. The tracking number is 25426384 and its being sent priority mail.Your son should be getting it in a few days.

Me:Nah I'm just fucking with you.I'm not sending it. How stupid do you think I am? Like I'm gonna fall for that old Nigerian

JC:Hey ..I am not happy at all to hear all this from you..because i have already told you that the item is urgently needed and i told my son that the item will get to him are telling me another storry now.I think i have to inform FBI and my lawyer about the and they will also need to inform the police...And you will get arrested for scamming people online the internet..So i will wait to hear back from you with the tracking number of your shipment as soon as you get the item ship out but if you don't...i think u will need to go to jail because you are trying to scam me.i have paid for the item and the money has been deducted from my account..I will stay on my computer to read back from you..Thank you and God Bless...

Me:And I will be happy to give it back. I'm not taking your money,believe me. I'm gonna try my best to make sure you get your "money" back. You were planning on scamming me,I had a feeling some weird shit was going down once you didn't want me to send it to you (in the USa) but directly to your son in Nigeria.

JC:is not like that i explaine my situation to you i feel that you can help me out on this please i cannot lry for you understand me please just ship it out and send me the sjipping tracking number..

Me:I'm sorry but I won't. Ill get you your money back(unless that's fake too) but you know what you can do...take one of your fingers(I don't care which one) and go fuck yourself! Fuck you and have a nice day :)

JC:You can please do it to you mother.

Me:Lol wooow oh shit! I'm scared now!! well jenifer cloud(if that's even your real fuckin name) imma just leave you alone,like your daddy did...why don't you try and scam someone else and leave me the fuck alone

You kno your getting scammed on craigslist if they offer to pay you more than you ask, they want you to send it overseas, they talk in bad english, and if they want to pay you thro paypal (they send you a link to a fake paypal)

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