Monday, September 6, 2010

Be yourself

Why are people so afraid to be themselves? Nowadays people like different. People are drawn to those people who are different and can bring something to the table. Life is like a big potluck.Its gonna suck if everyone brings rice and beans and theres nothing else. By being yourself and being you, you are bringing something different that people might actually love. One of my favorite comedians Joe Rogan said,"When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it. They enjoy it." This is true. Why try and be an apple if God made you an orange? why Die a copy when you were born an original? People get scared to be themselves because they fear what others think...NEWSFLASH if you have a gift people are gonna hate, Some are gonna feel jealous and some people are gonna feel threatened, but there are also a bunch of people who are gonna love it.

1 comment:

  1. good advice man, its hard to be yourself, for me at least it is. it is the fear, but your words make sense, people will be afraid of something different, so i guess its better to be different. hopefully i can remember that.