Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my opinion on the shooting in mattapan

So today in Mattapan there was a shooting which resulted in the death of 4 adults, a toddler and left one person in critical condition. Some people decided to label this horrid situation the "Boston Massacre".. wtf...My opinion on the matter is this:
Inner city violence is out of control. People use guns as a way to cover up the fact that they either cant fight, the need to fit in, or to get some feeling of power. Although I am a big supporter in the second amendment, I really believe some reh-tards should not be able to posses a gun. A 3 year old was killed. There is no excuse and no justifiable reason to kill an innocent child. The killer should be automatically sent over to Afghanistan since he wants to shoot so bad after being raped by the inmates in prison.Theres so much stuff the shooter could be doing instead of shooting these people. He could be getting a job, playing ball, learning, getting laid, sleeping, eating, or some other thing that doesn't involve killing someone. Also the community is in outrage, but like I always say "talk is cheap at the end of the day actions are all that matters" We can have as much walks, protest ,marches and so on but until the mindset of these people change violence would sadly continue to happen. By killing someone you are doing nothing more than ending unexplored potential. You never know if the person you killed would be the next greatest doctor or lawyer or whatever(they might be a bum), but you would never know because that potential would never be discovered. THat potential is also gonna be wasted on the killer, because that time hes gonna spend rotting in jail could be time he could use to better his community and make a difference. We need to get more jobs and stuff out for these people to do so killing someone wont be an option. An idle mind is the devils workshop as those olde ppl say. Well thats it for now

Article link:http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2010/09/five_shot_three.html?camp=misc:on:share:blog

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothing but good feedback so far :)

You guys are the greatest! This blog went from a suggestion to a movement faster than i expected. I haven't heard one negative thing about it yet(and thats awesome). If you like it tell your friend, spread the word, follow..blah blah blah. I dont wanna brag but my blog is pretty awesome, but dont take my word for it, check out what people said:

"I thought it was quite intellectual. Great perpsective, and it was shared thoughtfully. I loved it."
"I love the blogs they're great and as I read them I hear your voice as a voice over.... Too funny"
"its fucking hilarious"
" that's gonna be my new fav. sight outside youtube"

Lastly Quick shoutout to my: US, UK, Canadian, Brazilian, German, Denmarkian, israeli and turkish supporters

is chivalry dead?

So i keep hearing females talk about how "chivalry is dead" well you know what..they are absolutely right and you know who killed it? entitled females. Nothing is worse than going out of your way to hold a door for a female and instead of receiving a simple "thank you " you get a dirty " you better be holding that door" look. Theres very little I can do. Yeah I could call her out on it, but do i really feel like wasting my breath? yeah i could mush her face in a jelly doughnut and kick her where the sun dont shine, but do i really wanna be someone's cell mate? I still continue to hold doors and stuff because thats how i was raised but what about the guys who weren't raised that way? situations like that either lead to something drastic or them forsaking the chivalrous code all because of some entitled females.......so that is why chivalry is dead

Thursday, September 23, 2010

stupid things adults say

Stupid things adults say:"so if all your friends were jumping off a cliff would you would too".First of all if your friends are actually dumb enough to jump off the side of a cliff you need to get some new friends.I think its a little extreme to compare something small like getting for example getting a tat or piercing to your friends stupidly and randomly committing group sucicide and jumping off a cliff.

- "there's no such thing as a stupid question".....actually yes there is..asking what's your name when you have a name tag on is a stupid question lol and that's one example

random thought OVERLOAD

-why do ppl waste more time focusing and hoping on someones elses downfall than their own personal elevation?
-why do some asians look mad angry for no reason?
-you know how people say "all dogs go to heaven"? well if thats true is there gonna be some sort of restraining order in place if michael vick gets there or would all be forgiven?
-why are ppl so quick to tell everyone their business and not even think about it possibly blowing back in their face?
-'m sorry but everytime I hear Creole its like "Charlie brown teacher" talk to me...
-i hate when some ppl say stuff like,"i dont make friends i make money" you just wanna tell them "maybe you should start making friends becuse you clearly aint making any money"
- how come ppl are the first to say they want someone to be real with them and once you are real with them they get mad? if you didnt want the truth you should of asked me and i woulda given you the payless-fake version...ppl dont kno what they want
-why do women like to brag how they mature faster than men,And then years down the road they are trying there hardest to look younger?.....I guess they can't have it both ways huh?
- i never understood why some people say "my haters keep me motivated" when they got nothing to be motivated for... everytime one of those "aint got nothing going on,but haters keep me motivated" people say that i wanna say,"do they? do they REALLY? if they got you so motivated why aint you doing anything
-why are ppl so angry? you walk down the street and smile and they look at you like you just told them,"hey i just slept with your mom and killed your dog"..since when is being kind a chore
- isnt it weird how some of the straightest guys constantly say no homo, but when they get in a heated argument(most times wit another guy) they use the expression "suck my dick"....thats a bit contradictory
- if you go to a sperm bank and donate some of your cumzees and some lady gets pregnant off it...can she get at you for child support?
-Prostitues are mad lucky in this economy..They dont have to find work, work comes to them...Why cant finding a job be that easy?!
-NURSERY RHYME EDITION: you kno that nursery rhyme with the old lady who lived in a shoe with all those kids? Well was she on welfare cuz how could she support all those kids? Also if she is getting child support for all those kids, why doesn't she move out the shoe and into an apartment or something....what a dumb old lady
-Ever notice how Fake ppl keep telling themselves they're real over and over,meanwhile a real person don't even need to claim their real...there life and actions speak for itself
-you kno how the bible says love your neighbor as much as you love yourself..well what if you hate yourself does that give you an excuse to be a douchebag to others?
-I'm watching the movie up and it hit me... If this was the real world and if a kid went missing with an old guy to south America don't you think there would be all these amber alerts and news reports out and also the old guy might get accused of being a pedophile?
-why do some guys wit money still try to act gangster and all that and try to act tough...I thought the point of having money was to escape those problems not get in em
- remember the days in elementary school when we were trading and selling pokemon and yu gi oh cards like they were drugs in the bathroom lol and then when you heard a teacher comming you hit the cards and prentended you were taking a leak
-if one person prays for 1 team to win and another person prays4 the opposing team to win..who does god let win?! Does he flip a coin? Does he even care who won?does he stay neutral cuz the angels are betting?!
-If I ever become a disgusting fat bastard who has a daughter and makes her dress like a lil hoe in pagents when She's a toddler...feel free to kick me in the nuts and stab me
- Hoodrats are one of Gods ways of showing us that he has a sense of humor
-you kno that Drake line"thanks to all my haters I kno G4 pilots on firstname basis"..wtf does that mean?! I have haters,you have haters and I don't kno any pilots..ithink my haters aren't hating hard enough,if your a hater plz hate a little harder cuz I wanna kno a pilot too..
-isn't pokemon just a little kid version of dogfighting? Your training something to beat another thing for money and respect? That sounds exactly like dogfighting to me
-why do we give homeless people canned goods when they most likey won't have a can opener?

random thought about education

why are we taught a bunch of stuff we would never use outside class? For example cursive and pre-Cal..no one is gonna say" imma blow your head off if you don't write the alphabet in cursive"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This week in news (so far)

So preacher Eddie Long is under fire for allegedly getting sex from teenage boys and offering them a bunch of stuff as a "bribe" so to speak. I dont know if this is true or not and since I believe all people are innocent until proven guilty, I will state my opinon without being judgmental: First and foremost everyone has "secret shenanigans" that we partake in that we wouldnt like out in the public. It just so happens that Eddie Longs is allegidly sex with teenage boys. I never understood the whole craze with people in religion having sex with little boys. Whats so magical about little boys, that old people seem to wanna put their "holy rod" into their "promise land"? let me stop because that just makes me feel dirty just talking about it. The boys claim that he gave them money, cars and all these other stuff in return for sexual favors. If they got all this stuff then whats the point of suing him. They already won. I need to do some more reading on he incident in order to come to a few other conclusions..Lastly to all those people using this situation as a way to attack christianity let me tell you this. Not all christians are like that, and everyone has theier issue and battle to fight. So dont attack the whole religion because of the shenanigans of a few..

Mike Vick is named starting QB for the Eagles...Finally. Its a shame how some people dont let negative things go. HE served his time, unlike Lindsey Lohan who got released and failed a drug test AGAIN and is going back into jail (i hope shes in gen pop with those tough big manish lesbians who wanted to rape her...dont give me that look..she deserves it) And back to the point. Vick is the better QB for the Eagles at this point and its good to see him get another chance.

The UN is meeting....does anyone care?!? i dont...those douchebags dont get anything done anyway

They are talking about passing a DREAM act which is amnesty for illegals i think under the age of 16(or something like that) i need to do more reading on it...but i talked about this in my post about immigration..it sounds all well and good but WE CANT AFFORD IT!! unless mexico wants to help pay a little..oh I forgot THEIR BROKE TOO

The Town remains the number one movie in America> I just love seeing Boston movies do well. I dont think there was one Boston movie I didnt like...oh wait I forgot Blue Hill Ave lol

and last but not least I TURNED 19 TODAY!!!!!
and thats the news so far this week :)

random thought

Whats with all these little girls claiming that they're bisexual? you kinda wanna tell em "you aint even in the 8th grade yet, whatchu know about that?"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why it would be better to make drugs legal

I was watching Boardwalk Empire today and it got me thinking. For those who dont know Boardwalk Empire is a show about Prohibition in the 20's. Prohibition caused so much trouble in the 20's and led to nothing but a bloodbath. Currently in the UNited States we are in a drug prohibition. Drugs are deemed illegal and people are flooding the underground market to get them. Violence is still high due to the drug trade. My question is what would happen if drugs were legal? In my mind if drugs were legal that would get rid of the violence because theres no point of spilling blood over something legal right? you dont see best buy lining up target employees across the wall and gunning them all down because of the cost of DVDs. Also if drugs were legal I doubt the number of users would increase. Drinking increased during prohibition because booze was hard to get and it was such a guilty pleasure. Same with drugs. People who dont use drugs wont start using them because its legal. Also if drugs are legal that would decrease the number of inmates locked up on petty crimes, therefore saving the state( and taxpayers) a load of money. Speaking of money the govt can do what they do best and tax the crap out of it, resulting in alot of money made. Cigarettes and booze kill people now, but its legal ( past a certain age) and everyone isnt doing it. Thats why I think it would be more beneficial if drugs were legal in this country

PS: i dont do drugs, I dont even like drinking.

Questions about Hitting females

Some of you saw the title and automatically think to yourself " What the hell? Is Kevin out his mind?", but dont let the title confuse you. Domestic Violence and hitting females is a pretty cut and dry issue. Everyone can agree that it is wrong to hit a woman and that those who do it should be punished..Although I completely agree and think that hitting females should be strictly limited to birthday punches and waking up with her sitting on top of you pointing a gun in your face, I have a few thoughts about the whole matter at hand:

First off, Why wont some females let things go and let the guy walk away? There was an argument pn my street between this guy and his girl and as he started to walk away she kept following him constantly yelling and asking for trouble...What should happen to those type of females?

Also what if you hit a post op transexual(or a transexual period)? Would that be considered in the same area as hitting a female?

Lastly if you go out with a female boxer and she hits you, are you allowed to hit her back or are you limited to just defense?

That being said I would never hit a female, but I would be lying if I said the thought hasn't come across my mind( for those who know me, think piggy) ...Bill Burr said it best, "You should never hit a female.. you get caught, you go to jail, you get raped..its awful"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my view of illegal immigration

I was watching the movie machete last night(good movie btw) and throughout the entire movie it seemed like they were trying to shove the topic of illegal immigration down my throat. My opinion on the matter is this. Our country was "founded" by immigrants such as the Vikings, The Native Americans, or even Europeans. But the thing is as a country we cant afford illegal immigration. America is in a big financial hole. Our national debt is crazy high, 46 out of 50 states are close to bankruptcy, unemployment is constantly rising, the dollar is losing value at a rapid pace, and so on and so forth. It would be nice if we could help those good immigrants who want to escape mexico and come to the land of opportunities, but we cant afford it. Also i hate when people say "illegals take jobs regular americans wont want"..What regular americans are they talking about?!?! i would gladly scrub a toilet if it means I have a job and so would many other americans. What they mean to say is "illegals do jobs that the UPPER CLASS american wont do"...Another issue with the immigration is not all immigrants are here for good reasons. There are a few that are up here committing violent acts and moving drugs. Those are the ones who should be deported lickity split. But the thing with the mainstream media is they wont tell you the whole story. They either paint immigrants as people who do no wrong or as complete savages. It is not fair to judge an entire group on the actions of a few, but that being said we should quickly remove the few before it gets worse.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Funny video of the day


Why i was annoyed today

After a long day at school(actually short day, but long commute) I got home and I looked at the mail. I got some letter from this job(that I believe I am more than qualified for) telling me I didnt get the job. Although that part annoyed me the part that got me heated was the letter. It was in that "nice BS" talk. I HATE THAT!! just tell me i dont have the job instead of wasting my time reading this BS letter

I could pretty much give you one of those letters:

Hi(fill in your name),
Thanks for your interest in (name of place) but we are sorry to let you know that our employment period has ended, and we have found other qualified people for the position.{TRANSLATION: You didn't get the job} We really appreciate your time{TRANSLATION: Im sorry you wasted your time and ours} We wish you nothing but the best in your search {TRANSLATION: in this economy good luck buddy} Also your resume would stay on file for up to a year just in case we find a position perfect for you{TRANSLATION: we might look at your resume again if one of our employees gets fired for robbing us or child porn but the possiblity of that happening is low, so i guess your jobless buddy} Good luck and we wish you the best {TRANSLATION: we just add this part in just in case your emotionally unstable so you wont kill yourself or be depressed}

Wanna kno why we are still in Afghanistan?

Drugs...thats right, are troops are over there to protect the government's drug investment. I believe Osama is dead. He is an old guy with a bad heart condition whos condition requires machines to keep him alive. There is no way for him to do all this cave hopping with his condition.Also there is evidence that came out proving that the recent bin laden videos are fake.None of us know arabic so it would be kinda easy for someone to take old tapes and make him say new stuff....but back to the point. In all reality our troops should of all been home YEARS ago. The wars were built on nothing but lies. These people in power are using our troops like actions figures and using them to help their personal interest. The CIA has been bringing in drugs for a long time, if you dont believe me look up some guy named barry seal. Also I just saw this video: He says if the marines were to destroy it the population would turn against the marines. Thats a big lie. The Taliban (pre 9/11) got rid of most of the opium because it was against the muslim faith. Someone is making money off this and it sure it the Taliban. Anyway bring our troops home, there is no point for them to be there.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

attention to lady gaga, is like cocaine to soulja boy lol

So everyones favorite attention whore is back. A few days ago @ the Vmas lady gaga did something "outrageous" and wore a dress made completely out of meat. Since she wants all that attention I think they should make her do a food drive in that dress in some third world country...they would bbq her lickity split, she wouldnt even have a chance to pick up a telephone and call Alejandro. A couple random things that went through my mind about that dress are:
-If Chris Brown punched her in that dress, can you say hes beating her meat?
-That dress might be a pathetic attempt to get her boyfriend to eat her out?
- She might of forgot to shower and forgot her deoterant and the best way she thought to cover up the smell was to wear all that meat?
-This broad really wants attention
-She might of saw this commercial and took it literally ............................................................ ok im done

I cant believe Im defending the NY Jets?!?

Let me start this off by saying I HATE THE NY JETS!!!
now that that little detail is out the way let me get to my point. Recently in the news some female mexican reporter felt uncomfortable while in the jets locker room. This situation is bringing the issue of sexual harassment back into the public view. According to her she was a victim of catcalls, and a bunch of immature shenanigans, my thing is what do you expect from a bunch of testosterone filled guys in a locker room. A locker room is full of stupid tomfoolery and shenanigans and she just so happened to walk in the middle of it. Also by watching hard knocks the Jets team is full of jokers who pull a bunch of pranks on each other. What else does she expect from a locker room? a bunch of guys sitting around smoking a pipe while talking about Charles Dickens?! well if she did i guess shes disappointed. Sexual harassment takes place in the work place and when it does it must be addressed and dealt with, but in this case I think she walked into a fire and thought she could get out without any burns.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No student loans for me

I just started my first year of college and its been going pretty well so far, and im doing it cheap too. My goal is to graduate in four years debt free so once I graduate all the money I make is completely mine. I refuse to touch student loans. think about it, if you take student loans, yeah you get through school, but once you graduate you have to pay that amount back plus more. So for most of your life you are going to be someones hoe, working hard to make someone else money. I refuse to do that. I talked to a few people who are 40 and up who still havent completely paid off their loans. Thats why if i have to work a few jobs, sacrifice not buying a few pairs of sneakers, working hard looking for scholarships and all that other stuff its worth it. I will not allow myself to become a slave to debt. I would be a prostitute before I accept any student loans because I rather get screwed once than get screwed for the rest of my life by debt

random thought about the n-word

I hear a lot of people describe themselves as "real niggas" but think about it...the word nigga by definition means "an ignorant person" so by describing yourself as a "real nigga" you are pretty much calling yourself a "real ignorant person", and i dont think thats the intent of what they were trying to say

Tv saves lives

Many people like to give Tv a bunch of crap and I think it deserves a bit of credit. Today TV saved lives. Tonight (or today rather) The Season finale of True blood and entourage, the VMAs, NFL football, and a new episode of Jersey shore was on so you know people arent gonna be outside partaking in random violent shenanigans. Theres too much good stuff to watch(the vmas dont count) to get involved in some foolishness. My hood is quiet tonight and so far there are no reports of any shootings or stabbngs going on. I think Tv played a big role. We like to bash things when they are bad and not spotlight the same thing when it does something good and today television gets props from me for making the streets safe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The bible is the most published book in history, and nowadays you can easily download it on your phone, ipod, kindle, ect. I was watching the book of eli(for those who haven't seen it feel free to look away) and in the beginning of the movie he pulls out an ipod>>>that being said the book the guy wants is the bible...If the book was so important to him how come he didnt get the bible app on his phone or something?

I was also watching the last exorcism (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) DONT LOOK IF YOU STILL WANNA SEE IT!!!!

in the end the retard ending up finding out that the town is partaking in some crazy shenanigans and decides "nows the time to hold up a crucifix" what a dumbass...long story short he gets killed....how come people in horror movies start out as the smartest person in the world but seems to forget a little thing called common sense?

Also in Toy Story 3, the toys are put in a position when andy has to go off to college...My question is dont you think if the toys were to talk to andy, andy would say "oh shoot my toys can talk, im definetley keeping these!!" of course he would, i would keep my old toys if they all of a sudden came to life and wanted me to play with them

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feedback is more than welcome

I been hearing nothing but positive things about my blog so far, but like all things there is room for improvement. I want to make this as good as I possibly can and thats why if you have any suggestions, likes, dislikes, topics you want to hear about ,or general feedback ill be more than happy to hear it.
my email is notimeforsmalltalk@yahoo.com

ever notice

ever notice how little kids are super brutally honest and how some adults are really fake and phony? What happened? When did we let society and those around us slowly take away our voice?

Monday, September 6, 2010

random thought

I was watching this video on worldstarhiphop.com with this guy putting up 23,000$ just to see this fight between this rapper Maino and some guy named bunky SA who called him out. First and foremost what he does with his money is whatever, its his money and he could do whatever he wants. (i personally think thats a waste of 23,000) but anyway he started putting the money out on some dusty looking table in a kinda crusty looking kitchen. My thing is if you have all that money shouldnt you have somewhere nice to put it on? In my mind putting loads of money on a raggedy looking table is like putting on new clothes when you havent showered in weeks...it just doesnt match

The video is here:

How I handled a craigslist scammer

Long story short:(and short story shorter) I tried to sell my xbox 360 on craigslist and instead of getting someone awesome i got a nigerian scammer....and this is how the whole conversation went down
Someone named jenifer cloud hit me up after i posted my ad on craigslist:

Jc:Hello seller i would like to know if this Item is still up for sale so let me know the total cost that we cost me to get it and please tell me the present condition of it too...

Me:Hello,the xbox is still for sale. I'm selling it for 130$. Its in fairly new condition, I only used it maybe twice to beat modern warfare 2 and never used since. Also its not banned from xbox live so you could still go on xbox live if you choose. Do you have any other question or concerns? If so ill be sure to answer. Thanks

JC:Thanks for you reply,i am located in Remsenburg city
in NY,i really need to buy this and send to my
son schooling outside the state as a gift .I have
been trying to buy this on ebay but its so very stressful
buying on ebay.I will offer you $160 so as to close the
auction as soon as possible.I will be paying through PAYPAL
because i have a verified account with paypal.So kindly get back with
your paypal email address so i can make payment into your paypal
account.Once payment clears,shipment will be handled by me through my
personal fedex account,so you dont have to pay for
shipment.Get back to me if my approval is granted.I would like to see
the pictures please.

Jc:I have just made out the payment online now.Go and check the mail you
used in opening your paypal account the confirmation mail have been
sent there check the inbox or the spam message you should see it
there........ I will also like you to know that i am having some little
problems with my fedex account as i checked it online now and i was asked to
reactivate it so i cant do that now as i have to sort one or two thing out
with them.So i am sorry as i wont be handling shipment through my fedex
account again.So, pls get the postage cost to the following address
via post office(USPS PRIORITY MAIL at the usps office) and
ship out the item via post office (PRIORITY MAIL) asap cos i have told my
son to be expecting it. I have also included $7 extra for the shipping. i
think that should be enough for you to ship
Name: Bamidele Tosin
Address: No 4 madojutimi Street,
City: Ota
State:Ogun State
Postal Code: 23439
Country: Nigeria.
Let me know how much it costs you to ship.After you ship get back to me
with the amount you used to ship. .I am really sorry for the inconveniences.

Me:What's your address here?If anything ill send it too you and you can send it to your son.I would also give you back the extra money from the shipping

JC:don't bother your self to send anything to me just ship it to my son directly if you send it to me my husband here will querry me that where am i find this and this may result to another thing cos he so mad nowaday just help me to send it to him directly

Me:I sent it. The tracking number is 25426384 and its being sent priority mail.Your son should be getting it in a few days.

Me:Nah I'm just fucking with you.I'm not sending it. How stupid do you think I am? Like I'm gonna fall for that old Nigerian scam...lol

JC:Hey ..I am not happy at all to hear all this from you..because i have already told you that the item is urgently needed and i told my son that the item will get to him soon...you are telling me another storry now.I think i have to inform FBI and my lawyer about the and they will also need to inform the police...And you will get arrested for scamming people online the internet..So i will wait to hear back from you with the tracking number of your shipment as soon as you get the item ship out but if you don't...i think u will need to go to jail because you are trying to scam me.i have paid for the item and the money has been deducted from my account..I will stay on my computer to read back from you..Thank you and God Bless...

Me:And I will be happy to give it back. I'm not taking your money,believe me. I'm gonna try my best to make sure you get your "money" back. You were planning on scamming me,I had a feeling some weird shit was going down once you didn't want me to send it to you (in the USa) but directly to your son in Nigeria.

JC:is not like that i explaine my situation to you i feel that you can help me out on this please i cannot lry for you understand me please just ship it out and send me the sjipping tracking number..

Me:I'm sorry but I won't. Ill get you your money back(unless that's fake too) but you know what you can do...take one of your fingers(I don't care which one) and go fuck yourself! Fuck you and have a nice day :)

JC:You can please do it to you mother.

Me:Lol wooow oh shit! I'm scared now!! well jenifer cloud(if that's even your real fuckin name) imma just leave you alone,like your daddy did...why don't you try and scam someone else and leave me the fuck alone

You kno your getting scammed on craigslist if they offer to pay you more than you ask, they want you to send it overseas, they talk in bad english, and if they want to pay you thro paypal (they send you a link to a fake paypal)


I was looking through my college handbook the other day and they mentioned how they dont like plagiarism. For those who are a bit slow plagiarism is defined as ,"the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work." My opinion is this..what if you unknowingly write something that sounds similar to someone else? I always heard "great minds think alike", if thats so why are ppl viewed more as a thief than a great mind when they accidentally write something similar? Our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of independence in which they said that we have the right to ,"life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" what many dont know is that these ideas came from John Locke. Prior to the Declaration of Independence he wrote that humans are given natural rights that include "life, liberty and property"..Why arent our founding fathers looked at as plagiarist? They clearly used someone else's ideas as their own, and even used the first two in the exact same order?

*I know some people intentionally copy

Be yourself

Why are people so afraid to be themselves? Nowadays people like different. People are drawn to those people who are different and can bring something to the table. Life is like a big potluck.Its gonna suck if everyone brings rice and beans and theres nothing else. By being yourself and being you, you are bringing something different that people might actually love. One of my favorite comedians Joe Rogan said,"When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it. They enjoy it." This is true. Why try and be an apple if God made you an orange? why Die a copy when you were born an original? People get scared to be themselves because they fear what others think...NEWSFLASH if you have a gift people are gonna hate, Some are gonna feel jealous and some people are gonna feel threatened, but there are also a bunch of people who are gonna love it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl....what a bust

This hurricane was such a disappointment. They put Boston on some state of emergency and all we get is rain(and not even a hard rainstorm). Don't be confused I don't want a hurricane like katrina, all I wanted was something that I could be proud to survive through,but instead we get this soft pussy hurricane. No wind or nothing,just rain while its still fairly hot out. And today(saturday) its super nice out and might be the best looking day this week up here.You kno how some parents lie or stretch the truth when they tell kids about something to make it sound awesome? Well I might have to do that when they ask me about how I survived hurricane earl lol...From this point on if you name your child earl you are pretty much saying that they are gonna be a disapointing pussy. Random thought: Why not instead of calling people "fag" when they act soft lets call them "earl"..different word same meaning...
(I apologize in advance if i offended anyone with the name earl...but then again who has that name anymore? lol)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

T.I. in jail AGAIN

First off I love TIs music and i hate the Tiny and toya show
Well for those who havent heard TI and his wife got arrested for smoking weed. This is crazy,considering he got out of jail a whle ago for gun possession. Why is it that famous people seem to get money, but slowly seem to lose something called COMMON SENSE. He has 5 kids,a wife, a pretty successful music career and just starred in Takers(in which he played someone who got out of jail lol irony anyone?!) Theres a possibility that he could of just violated his parole and might have to serve 3 years over this tomfoolery. I know a bunch of people in the celebrity culture smoke weed, but if you have so much to lose,wont it make sense just to give it up(or do it somewhere where you dont get caught) I thought the point of being rich and successful is that you wont have to go back to the shenanigans that you used to partake in. TI might be going back to jail again. Way to go Ti now the only paper you might be getting wont be money,but letters from fans asking when the album drops,and the only place you can enjoy that paper is from a small jail cell.

no homo

Why do ppl who claim to be secure with their sexuality constantly say "no homo"?