Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why I cant stand Obama

Back when President Obama was running for office I was a huge fan. He was a black man who was running for the highest office in this country who had a solid background and was an excellent speaker. After 8 years of Bush, I like so many others wanted a change. I could honestly say that If I could of voted back then I would obviously vote for him
After he got into office I started looking into his policies and stuff that he was doing and hes the same as Bush. Its politics. The new boss is the same as the old boss(execpt hes darker and can actually speak articulate...unlike bush) So far...
1. He extended the Patriot act. In the patriot act the govt can spyt on your conversations, preform secret arrest and violate your rights as americans under the guise of "keeping us safe rom the terrorist" and to make it worst the govt can torture your child in front of you for "the saftey of others".To make it worst he wants to make more additions to this horrible bill...I bet you guys dont believe me

2. He is horrible when it comes to the economy. Right now the United States is in a huge debt to china, we are still paying for two terrible wars, 46 states are close to being bankrupt, the federal reserve "misplaced" 20 trillion dollars, the pentagon "misplaced" 8 trillion and nothing is being done...Instead all we get is Obama launching this bs war on wall street to calm americans down although he knows that wall street donated the largest amount of money to his campaign....Not to mention that the 28 trillion thats unaccounted for can be used to help the people in this country in need, help pay off the debt to china , and so on an so forth
(ill add the links later)
This is just a few reasons....Im not saying the world would be better with McCain, because it wouldnt. But now in the news they are talking about mitt romney for president in 2014...hes gonna be just as bad. The healthcare bill he passed in MA is almost the exact same thing Obama passed recently.. We need to think past these republican and democrat titles, past black and white, but who would actually help our country.. Yes Obama is the first black president whoopdy doo!! now lets stop putting him on another level because hes the first black president.To a blind person hes just the president and as a president he is doing an awful job

*if you dont believe me do some research its all there

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