Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why I cant kill myself

I was reading about young people committing suicide and it got me thinking...I just cant do it. I love my life way to much even through the ups and downs. Also I just cant do it
-I cant shoot myself cuz i would be too much of a pussy to pull the trigger
- I cant stab myself because Im not trying to go through all that pain of bleeding out
-cant hang myself because I cant tie that noose thing, all i can do is tie my shoes and tie a tie
- I cant jump off anything because I hate falling from heights
-I cant take too many pills because I might end up throwing them up
-I cant jump in the middle of the street or off a subway platform because, what if i fail then im crippled for life
-I cant do one of those death by cops because if i fail then im going to jail and jail=buttrape

so as you can see suicide is no option for Kevin Lilly, First and foremost because i love life, Second I dont know how to quit, and Third I just cant do it even if i tried lol

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