Sunday, August 1, 2010

What every father would hate to hear

Poor Laurence Fishburne...His daughter is gonna star in a porn. For those who dont dont know, his 19 year old daughter is about to star in her first porn...(isnt that a way to make her daddy proud) and the name she chose is chicky d.. What type of name is chicky d?!? that sounds like a saturday morning cartoon lol (can you imagine being small watching the adventures of chicky d? it really does sound like a cartoon)...It must suck for poor laurence, I mean hes rich, his daughter can go wherever she wants and pretty do whatever she wants, and out of all the possible options she decides," hey instead of doing something productive imma just take a dick in my cooley hole" who knows, she might of wanted to be an actor like her dad and sucked at acting and this is the only way she could get on camera lol

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