Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A time I got sexually harassed lol

WEll you wanna hear a story about a time I got sexually harrassed? well hop on my lap and i would tell you the story...It was a long time ago back in my glory days i was at some dance or whatever. I was "getting it in" as these young ppl nowadays say then I felt some unpleasent feeling. Someone grabbed my ass..or buttocks(for you cleanly minded folks) and it felt weird. They pretty much grabbed my left cheek all in one go. I turned around lickity split to see who was the cause behind this tomfoolerous behavior and it was some fat chick, and she had some "slutty dr evil look". I just felt so dirty. I had to go home and take a cold shower while I cried myself to sleep. (lol jk) but it was weird...The End

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