Saturday, August 14, 2010

suggested topic of the day: lady gaga

Someone wanted me to share my opinon of lady gaga....well here goes. To be honest im not much of a fan of her music, i might sound like an old guy when i say "its not my cup of tea" (ugh i sound old) I think she is really really weird and unique. Thats why I think shes been getting this much attention. It seems like now people are sick of the norm and gravitate to whatever is new and different, and she is very different( actualty different is a bit of an understatement)..I think akon made a brilliant move signing here because he is making so much money right now...Lastly I think shes mad ugly. Thats why she has to wear all those flashy costumes so that people pay more atention to that than her fugly face.

my opinions are simply my opinions and not the views of anyone else but kevin lilly

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